This week we’ve entered the market in Taranaki offering households and small businesses access to the spot market price of electricity for the first time. This means annual savings from $260, and potentially as high as $870, for locals.*

If you’re thinking that sounds too good to be true, we deliver such drastically better prices by passing all of the costs of supplying power to a property on to the customer without any mark-up. We then charge a separate, truly transparent, fee to be their retailer.

Under this fresh and fair new model, Flick customers are saving between 10% and 20% on their total power bill compared to their previous retailer. Comparisons are made after the incumbent’s prompt payment discount is deducted.

If you live in Taranaki – or anywhere in the North Island for that matter – you can see which retailer will service your energy needs at the best price at PowerSwitch run by independent watchdog Consumer NZ

Consumers should be demanding more of their power company by way of cost transparency, access to cheaper prices, and tools and information that help them use power differently to optimise the best market price. You can read more about our model on our website, but at the heart of the Flick experience is that we draw a property’s electricity usage data from its smart meter, and present this back to our customers alongside market price information in a highly personalised, usable online format, empowering our customers make simple cost-saving changes to how they use power.

Even though electricity is a huge household outgoing people typically don’t know the true cost of supply, and don’t get genuine opportunities to use their power differently and make savings. We just think that’s wrong.

Consumers shouldn’t tolerate excessive prices. Switching is fast and easy and it’s the best way for consumers to tell retailers they expect a fair deal. All you need to do is contact the retailer you want to join and they’ll do the rest.

Power to the people!



*Price comparisons against the five biggest retailers in the Taranaki area on PowerSwitch

Comparisons are for a 3-4 person all-electric household, where the residents are not usually at home during the day, on an All Inclusive plan, using an estimated 8,548kWh per annum. Results were collected from PowerSwitch on 17 December 2014.


South Taranaki

North Taranaki


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