We’re looking for the newest member of our team. Sound like you? Or someone you know? Then it’s time to tread new horizons with us…

Marketing Communications Manager (Digital Specialist)

Who are we?

Flick Electric Co. is a new Wellington-based electricity retailer taking the business of selling power into uncharted territory. We’re shaking up the stale old model of selling electricity at a fixed price, and giving consumers access to the wholesale spot market for the first time. It’s fair, transparent and puts consumers back in control. Our senior team and board have decades of experience in electricity, technology and entrepreneurism, and we’ve got big plans for 2015 and beyond.

Where does your role fit?

Our proprietary systems are built, our key markets are open, and now we need a Marketing and Communications Manager to help us grow… fast!

More than a power company, we’re actually a consumer-driven technology business, and having a dynamic and responsive online brand presence is critical.

As a new role in a new business the position is largely yours for the creating (what an opportunity huh!?!), but it’s essential we find someone who can create an insight-driven digital engagement strategy, work with our agency partners to bring the strategy to life, and establish robust reporting protocols to monitor our success so we’re constantly improving.

Your role is responsible for all of our digital marketing and communications platforms including our website, blog, social media, eDM, search, and digital execution of our marketing campaigns.

You will be our online voice so you need to be able to create killer-content that reflects our values – honesty, transparency and genuine partnership with our customers – and know how to use content to drive conversion. With your skills Flick will have an active and engaging online presence that attracts New Zealanders to what we have to offer, and educates our customers about how to make the best of being a Flickster.

You need to be the perfect blend of strategic and tactical, agile and disciplined, independent and collaborative, brave, creative and adaptable.

We’re a sleeves-rolled-up, think-fast-act-fast kind of team. If you’re up for the challenge of growing a great business and changing how New Zealanders think about buying power then please, get in touch.

To ace this job you will need:

  • Solid brand and/or product communications and marketing experience in consumer goods or services, with demonstrable experience managing digital channels.
  • Exceptional copywriting skills for all marketing communication formats, but with specific capability writing for social, website, blog, and new and traditional media.
  • Technical understanding of all common digital platforms to a level that enables fast and efficient platform management with high prodution value. Ability to write basic HTML (for eDM and blog management) would be handy but not essential.
  • A radar for influential online communities and individuals, and be able to enagage with them in a brand-appropriate way.
  • A trend watcher – able to identify new ideas and opportunities and act fast to enable Flick to be a first mover.
  • To be highly motivated and independent, able to develop and deliver our digital mar-comms strategy, report to the senior management team and Board on successes and opportunities, and take full responsibility for your role delivering key business outcomes.
  • High level of maturity, excellent inter-personal communication skills and ability to work effectively in a small, senior team.
  • Comfortable experimenting (based on great insights!) and able to fail-forward so the you can lean quickly and remain focused on helping the business grow. Think fast, act fast is our mantra!
  • High expectations of digital performance, and be able to define meaningful targets and measure them accurately. Experience working with Google Analytics is essential.

Send us a brilliant application that show’s us who you are by 5pm Tuesday 20 January.

Contact Jessica Venning-Bryan, GM Marketing & External Relations at jessica@flickenergy.co.nz if you want to know more about the role before you take the plunge and apply.

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