The Electricity Authority has announced that from February 2016 all electricity retailers will need to supply usage data to their customers.

We are extremely supportive of the EA’s action in this area, and their commitment to driving change, but it really is ridiculous that retailers aren’t doing this already.

All Flick customers have full access to their half-hourly usage data from the day they join in their personalised online portal.

It’s a matter of transparency and fairness. Kiwis cannot fully understand their power bill if they aren’t told, in a meaningful and usable way, how much power they’re using and what they’re paying for it.

There would be no other major household expense where the true cost of what the consumer is buying is as deliberately obfuscated as it is with power.

Flick is the only retailer in New Zealand that offers consumers a fully transparent pricing model where all of the costs of getting power to a property are passed through without any mark-up, including the spot price of the power they use, when they use it. Flick charges a separate fee to be a household’s retailer.

Flick customers see what they use every half hour, and they see the market price they are paying for that electricity every half hour too. This empowers people to make changes to their energy use to chase low prices, which happen 25% of the time*, and take real control of their power bill.

It is concerning, but not surprising, that many retailers objected to the change in requirements. Historically the industry has not embraced changes, made possible by technology like smart meters, that put Kiwis in control.

We think it’s about time Kiwis got a fairer deal from their power retailer, and we’re proud to be leading the charge.

(* A “low price” is defined as less than 4cents per kWh for the wholesale energy price on the spot market.)

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