We’re proud to be a Wellington born company. It’s an incredible place, full of thinkers and believers, activists and innovators.

So it’s logical that the Smart Energy Challenge was born here too (by the good folk at enspiral and Wellington City Council), and is now being looked at by local authorities globally as a great example of bringing ideas for reducing climate change to reality, at a local level.

We’re rapt to be involved in the Challenge this year in a number of different ways, and we’re really encouraging other Wellingtonians – individuals, families, communities, businesses or organisations – to take up the challenge.

In a nutshell the Smart Energy Challenge is a collaboration that brings together businesses, community partners, entrepreneurs and Wellington City Council to support groups to refine, connect and launch ideas for smarter energy in Wellington.

Some awesome projects – like Aro Solar – were born last year, proving just how powerful ideas can be when they’re supported to develop. You can read about more inspiring examples of smart energy projects on the Challenge site.

Applications close this weekend – so if you’ve got a bright idea, write it up and come for the ride!

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