We launched in Auckland today, bringing the city of sails New Zealand’s fairest power deal.

It’s pretty damn exciting to have made our way north, and to start taking on the established retailers in the area. 96% of residential properties are tied up with one of the big guys, which means there’s a whole lot of households that aren’t getting New Zealand’s fairest power deal.

Aucklanders have never had any genuine choice of power retailer because they all fundamentally offer the same thing – a flat per kWh rate. We think that grossly limits customer choice and is indicative of a stale electricity retail market so we’re going to disrupt the game.

If you’re in Auckland – or know someone who is and who you think deserves a fair deal, you can share our ‘Really exciting, slightly boring, guide to New Zealand’s fairest power deal’ with them.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuEVxw5LE80&w=560&h=315]

In a nutshell, Flick offers households access to the spot market price of electricity for the first time, alongside a suite of personalised online tools that empower customers to manage their power use to make the most of low market prices. They pass all of the costs of supplying power to a property on to the customer without any mark-up, breaking this out clearly on weekly bills, and charges a transparent retailer fee on top.

Traditional retail models effectively ask the consumer to pay a kWh flat rate premium that serves as an insurance against changing market prices, but our analysis of the past five years of half-hour spot market data prove that this is unnecessary over the long run. Twenty-five percent of prices are very low – less than 4cents per kWh – and it’s about time New Zealanders had access to those price signals

Kiwis should be demanding more of their power company by way of cost transparency, access to cheaper prices, and tools and information that help them use power differently to optimise the best market price. That’s what we are offering for the very first time.

When you add together all the elements of our offer, we’re hand down New Zealand’s fairest power deal.

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