Oooooooh, daylight saving, you cheeky little rascal, you!  The clocks have changed and we’ve officially bid farewell to the summer!  Shorter days has everyone asking, ‘Is it acceptable to go to bed at 19.30?!’  And yeah, sure, we’d rather it didn’t rain so much; but in energy circles it’s seen as a good thing… Every cloud!

Clever Flickers laugh in the face of fast-approaching winter, the cruel mistress!  They’re freely using their spa and heated swimming pools, and lapping up their savings!  Good on ‘ya, Flicksters!

What’s that, you want in?  Sure thing!   There might just be a smart plan available in your area – meaning you can heat your pool for less – chaaaaa-ching!

Your new life could look like this:

Get up: the winter sun’s out (here’s hoping!), you leave for work grinning like a Cheshire cat.  You produce some of your best work and get a raise, all in one day. Wahooo!!  Home time:  zero traffic jams, no rain or brolly turning inside-out moments.  Lovely!  Get home: tuck into homemade Shepherds Pie, a winter fave!  You slip into your togs, grab a glass of vino tinto and hop into the spa pool.  You look up at that beautiful New Zealand sky and thank Flick.

Amen to that!

One of our Kapiti Flicksters has just  moved over to Electra’s Day Night rates, and compared to his old supplier, is still making 15-20% savings.  Instead of paying 27.108cents/unit (ahem, Genesis), with Flick he ended up paying 20.78cents/unit.  BONUS!!!!

Here are some technical, snazzy graphs to make you gasp!

 Snazzy graph #1 graph 2

If you don’t have a spa pool now’s the time to get one and make the most of being a Flickster!  Don’t forget to share your #FlickLife spa and swimming pool pics with us on our social channels 🙂

Cheers, Nic

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