We’re on the search for a CTO to drive our product roadmap

Hot off the back of an announcement about our growth capital round ($4.8m raised!), we’re scouring the market for a technology superstar to build a talented team that can drive our product road-map.

We’ve got ambitious plans for our unique retail platform and future product development. The CTO role is instrumental to helping us realise the company’s potential.

We have a truly differentiated proposition and a proprietary system to enable it; but to build a high-value business we must keep evolving, and fast. Our team knows the potential of demand-response to fundamentally shift the way people consume electricity, but we need a product and development superstar who can make that vision reality.

The CTO will have the luxury of selecting their own team, as the appointment will trigger us bringing all of our IT capability in-house.

There aren’t many roles around that come with the thrill of start-up; the funding of a high-potential growth business; and a blank slate in terms of gathering your own talent.

We’re sure the right person for us is out there and welcome enquiries from any CTO, or senior developer or product designer looking for a great step up, who thinks they’ve got the right mix of innovative thinking, discipline and agility for our business.

We’d love to hear from you:  jobs@flickenergy.co.nz


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