At Flick Electric Co. we believe in empowering the customer to take control of their electricity purchase. And we reckon that kiwis should make their own, informed, decisions about what’s best for their household. So we like to recommend New Zealanders use PowerSwitch – the price checking website created and managed by third-party consumer advocates Consumer NZ – to check out how much they could save with Flick.

This morning, we read Stuff’s article Bargain hunting Dads most likely to switch and were shocked to see that, “People who don’t compare prices may be ignoring potential savings of between $136 and $870 a year.” – wowsa!  That’s a whole lot of moolah up for grabs!

We know that in comparison to their old retailer, Flicksters are saving hundreds a year!  And, quite frankly, we’d like to help even more New Zealanders do just that! Like the journo says, “In Wellington, as in Auckland, Flick is also currently the cheapest option for a medium household and Nova is again the most expensive. Flick costs $282 less over a year.”

For more information head here, OR call  0800 2 FLICK / email:

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