She’s part of our Customer Experience Crew! 


Helena @ the zoo!

Helena is our youngest HQ Flickster, with her 21st birthday just around the corner we’ll be sure to toast farewell to her younger years before the big day!  She has a cute cat called Abbie – we think she may love her more than her beau… Shhhhhh, don’t tell him!  And we’re stoked she’s finally got a decent pair of walking shoes instead of walking to work in her jandals!  This week, Helena celebrates not one but two birthdays – Flick and her DOB!  We can safely say there’ll be lots of gluten-free cake in the office.  Choice!

Fingernail painting is super fun, but don’t ask me about my toenails because my legs are really long and that’s another ball game!
Loud and excitable are two words used most commonly to describe me – I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Ice blocks. My favourite summer treat!
Christmas + Cats = Warm fuzzies x2, from my furry friends and my family during Silly Season.
Kiwi. I’m scared of heights and flying, just as much as they are.

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