People often ask us how much they need to change around the house to make savings with Flick. We say “not much”! Flicksters can invest in a few, small behavioural changes and see their savings rise.

But don’t just take it from us. One of our Wellington Flicksters, Joseph, has made a few tweaks around the house, and last week saved a whopping 52% !!! Joseph’s on the Wellington Smart Plan and is a low user. We asked him what he’s been up to:

“We have just been using appliances such as the washing machine/drier/dishwasher/heating etc after 11 pm, and simply try to avoid running them during the day.”  

We delved a little deeper and discovered he’s saved $70 compared to what he would have paid with his old retailer, since becoming a Flickster in February – wicked for you, Joseph!  And what’s more, he’s the first EVER Flickster to save over 50% in one week! (thanks to some smashing market prices because of there being so much rain in the South)

But wait there’s more – Joseph is a low user, and often there’s a perception low users will save less, but he’s proved the skeptics wrong.  Find out what you could be missing, or gaining!


Estimated savings are compared to a customer’s previous retailer’s standard comparable published plan (for their network and metering set up) at the time they joined Flick.

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