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Nic cycling in Amsterdam

Nic’s been an HQ Flickster for a couple of months now.  She joined the team before moving back to NZ after a ‘permanent’ relocation back to London (she lasted 10 months!).  She loves anything vintage, retro or pre-loved and can often be found rummaging around local op shops!  She’s likely to want to borrow your Nana’s frock and you can often hear her before you see her!

Fireworks. They are evil. I do not like them, or balloons, or anything that goes bang.
Londoner. Not too ‘cor blimey’. Well, maybe a little, coupled with a Kiwi twang!
Ideas + imagination + idiocy. Sometimes I can get carried away.
Clothes + fashion + furniture + treasures. I love ‘stuff’ that’s vintage, retro and pre-loved and its story!
Kai is the way to my heart. Especially bangers + mash. YUM!

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