She’s our Marketing Master!

Jessica has been an HQ Flickster for a year and not only brings a wealth of Marketing and Communications know-how, but she’s also a mean baker!  Best known for her cheese scones, she has a secret obsession with all things Flick and recently decorated her daughter’s room with brand colours. Poor girl! An energetic Mum of three and an extremely loud sneezer, there’s definitely a void when Jess is absent – we tend to miss her spontaneous bursts of laughter coupled with a mighty clap!

Who: Jessica

Team: Marketing

Feminist – As a feisty 13yo I saved my pocket money to add my mother’s surname to mine by deed poll to commemorate the centenary of women’s suffrage in NZ. Nuff said.
Love learning! Constantly scouring the www for new ideas. Might try a PhD one day.
Inspired when I’m outside. Roaming, running and riding the trails around Wellington is the fastest way to clear my head.
Cooking + caffeine + cured meats + citrus + cake + carbs + cherries + cream. Just realised that most of my favourite foodie things start with the letter ‘C’.
Kids (and my partner) are the loves of my life. Obsessions with space, Lego and knives mean there’s never a dull moment.

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