One of the totally unique features of #FlickLife is that we bill our customers weekly on an actual reading. This means that horrendous bills that arrive at the end of the month, often based on a wildly inaccurate estimate, are a thing of the past. Yay!

But the other big advantage of weekly billing is that our customers get regular prompts to engage with how much electricity they’re using, and what they’re spending. And in their customer portal they can drill down into that information for every half hour of every day.  One of the big benefits of empowering our customers with information is that we can identify issues quickly and help to resolve them.

Last week this rural customer got an unusually big bill – $95 instead of his usual $30! When he jumped into his portal he could see that his daily usage had suddenly tripled from 18 units to over 50.  He reached out for some help to understand what was going on. Initially it looked like a hot water issue, but we established that the customer has a wetback and the cylinder had been turned off for few weeks.

After a bit of weekend to-ing and fro-ing with our GM of Customer Experience, they established that the customer’s neighbor had tapped into his water pump (without asking) because his was broken! So, he’s now sending the neighbour a bill for the electricity and water used.

Weekly Billing Goodness

So here lies the power of being in control of, ahem, your power – not willingly passing it over to the wolves, vampires or gimps of the industry – embracing our weekly billing model means you’re in charge.  And we know that feels good.



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