It’s been quite the morning at Flick HQ!  Tonnes of high-fives, cheers, squeals and smiles!  Why?  Well, Flick Electric Co. has the most satisfied customers in the electricity industry according to the results of Consumer NZ’s energy customer satisfaction survey, released this morning.

Flick received a whopping 96% – more than 20% higher than the average across all suppliers, and we’re more than chuffed to be top of the table!

Chief Flickster Steve O’Connor says the result endorses Flick’s approach which enables residential demand-response behaviour for the first time in New Zealand, putting customers in full control of their electricity purchase.

“New Zealanders have never had any genuine choice in the New Zealand market because it is dominated by a small number of companies who all offer the same thing.  Flick approaches electricity retail in a genuinely different way for the first time – which includes a whole different attitude to our customers – and that is clearly reflected in this result,” he says.

At a time where electricity prices have risen by 3.6 percent in the last year, we’re proud to offer our unique ‘pass through’ model that includes access to the spot price of generation, which enables customers to take advantage of very low market prices at certain times of day.  Flicksters can really benefit from our transparent model and save!

Regularly, customers are able to buy electricity at as little as one-quarter of the common all-inclusive flat prices. This has resulted in 16% average lifetime-to-date savings across all customers since launch (more than double Powerswitch historical savings), with some weeks averaging savings of 25%. An estimated 60% of all Flick customers regularly respond to price signals in some way to save more.

With access to low winter spot prices, Flicksters have seen their bills drop massively over the past couple of months, which makes us really happy because we think you shouldn’t be afraid to heat your home!

“There are a number of established practices in the industry that we think are really bad for customers. We have deliberately rejected and challenged those things – like fixed term contracts and break fees for example – and we know our customers appreciate it,” Steve says.

Flick is able to serve customers with smart meters throughout most of the North Island, and in Dunedin. We’re stoked to offer complimentary meter upgrades in Auckland and Wellington, so get in touch if you’re in these areas and need an upgrade – we’ll see what we can do!

Cheers, from a very happy Flick HQ

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