A couple of weeks ago we launched Flick Electric Co. in Dunedin.

When we decided to come to Dunedin we crunched the numbers, and were pretty shocked to discover that 60% of Dunedin households are with the most expensive retailers in town!

Of 50,000 residential ICPs in Dunedin, 30,000 are with Nova, Trustpower, Mercury, Pulse and Contact. (Electricity Authority)

This chart shows the size of each retailer in Dunedin (based on the number of properties they serve), and where they sit on price compared with other retailers according to Consumer NZ.  A big red circle means a lot of people are with one of the most expensive retailers.  A small yellow dot means very few people are with one of the lowest priced retailers.  The blue dots are the mid priced retailers.


If you squint you will see an itsy bitsy yellow dot at the $1,750 p.a. cost mark for a medium sized household. That’s Flick.

Yep, yet again we’re the cheapest retailer in the market, because of our unique offer where customers pay the true wholesale market price of the electricity they use.

Consumer NZ’s numbers show that a Dunedin household could be up to $939 p.a. better off with us, depending on size and who they are with at the moment.

Consumer NZ cost table

Another handy bit of information that Consumer NZ tracks is how prices have moved in a market over time. Just to rub a bit of salt in the wound, Dunedinites can see how the established retailers in town have been putting prices up over the past couple of years. Again we’re the outlier at the bottom – the little black line that’s been going down this winter.

Dunedin price trends

Customers deserve a fairer deal on their power, and there are plenty of options out there including a number of small but much cheaper retailers (including Flick!).

The best thing to do is visit Consumer PowerSwitch and find out which retailer is best for you. Then make the switch. It’s quick and painless and could save you hundreds.







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