Today, we’d like to introduce you to Steph and her crew of housemates in Brooklyn, Wellington. You might recognise them from one of our adverts earlier this year…


These guys have been Flicksters for a few months and have loved their experience so much that they wanted to share it with you!

Names: Shannon, Joel, Steph and her daughter Keira

Living situation: A flat share of four, nestled in the beautiful bushy hills of Brooklyn, Wellington.

During the day: We’re young professionals:

  • Shan – Interior Architecture Masters student, tutor and nanny
  • Joel – Sports science technician, personal trainer and sport enthusiast
  • Steph – Graphic designer and art geek + Keira – Brooklyn School attendee, little helper, wannabe pop star and just a general all round cutie!

Since becoming Flicksters… With our old retailer our power bills averaged around $250 per month and now they’re closer to $15-$20 per week, that’s some mega savings!

Have you been doing anything differently since joining Flick?  Nothing but sit back and enjoy the savings!

Flick note – These guys are low users and the bulk of their consumption is at night, and they take advantage of the day and night rates for transmission and distribution, plus generally lower generation costs – win, win!

What’s your favourite thing about Flick?  It’s simple, straightforward and just so logical. We get emailed the bill with our savings each week, then the money is taken out of our account. It’s so cheap and weekly so we don’t have to deal with scary monthly bills that we can’t afford…

And a little extra in the flat account each week means we can treat the flat every now and then (usually by indulging in some fancy-pants new home wear).



If you’re a Flickster and you want to share what you’ve learnt, what you do differently or what your household and lifestyle involves, with others, please get in touch with me:

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