We’re looking for developers to help deliver our product roadmap

Now that we’ve got growth capital secured ($4.8m raised!) and a CTO (this guy) – we’re looking for developers that can build our future product set.

We’ve got ambitious plans for our unique retail platform and future product development – but we can’t build it without you!

We have a truly differentiated proposition and our own platform to enable it; but to build a high-value business we must keep evolving, and fast. Our team knows the potential of demand-response to fundamentally shift the way people consume electricity, but we need great developers who can make that vision a reality.

We’re looking for Ruby developers and a part-time front end developer.

We’re big fans of open-source projects in our platform; like ElasticSearch, Casandra, Spark. We love APIs and microservices, and want people who can work as autonomously as our systems.

If you like the idea of helping to build a new platform and disrupt an old industry then we’d love to hear from you:  jobs@flickenergy.co.nz

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