You may recognise Matt.  It feels like yesterday that we took his pic, sitting on this sofa on his own, for our very first adverts.  Well Matt’s been a Flick customer for over a year now (with 12% saved lifetime-to-date), and in recent months things have changed at his place…




You see, boy met girl, boy liked girl, girl felt the same, girl moved in, boy and girl are living happily ever after. Until…

Matt gets a Flick bill that’s quite a bit bigger than he’s used to. He’d been living the bachelor life, spending $15-$18 per week on power, and this one was closer to $30!

‘Bloomin’ Jane!’, moans Matt.  Poor Jane gets the hard word about using power wisely, turning stuff off, not spending too long in the shower.  But she’s a smart woman and suggests he check his Flick portal before he adds an electricity supplement to her rent.

Sure enough, he can see the jump in his usage.  But it’s two weeks after Jane moved in.  Phew, she’s off the hook!


So what happened on 9 July?  Matt – a plumber – hooked up the power to his fancy new garage.  Between the flood lights, his power tools, and the stereo blaring 24/7 he’d doubled his consumption!

So, if your bills go up all of a sudden, don’t blame your significant other, or high prices necessarily.  Check your portal to understand your consumption and your price – what you pay each week is a combo of the two.

And remember the power to make changes to reduce your power spend is in your hands. Matt promptly started managing his garage’s power use a bit better and his bills went back to normal.

Fancy a slice of humble pie, Matt?

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