Here at Flick we’re a bit fanatical about kiwis getting New Zealand’s fairest power deal.

Thanks to our honest pricing our Flicksters have saved on average $360 in the past year, as well as getting superstar service:

  • We’re a modern, online business but you can still talk to a real person by calling our friendly contact centre;
  • We actively work with our Flicksters to make sure they’re on the right set-up for how they use power, so they can optimise their savings;
  • We make switching as easy as possible. It takes less then 3 minutes over the phone or online, and we let your old power company know you want to break up with them;
  • We don’t lock people into contracts with ugly break fees. Customers are free to leave if we’re not the right company for them;
  • And we’re consistently ranked the best priced retailer on Consumer PowerSwitch.

Our Flicksters know just how good #FlickLife is, and they want you to get it too! Watch what they have to say here, or visit our Facebook page where you’ll find them ranting and raving about being #CleverFlickers.


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