2 December 2016
Being on the wrong electricity plan can be expensive – make sure your family is getting the best deal.
Family Times

“So we helped them switch over to a Standard User plan, subsequently dropping their total per kWh cost by around 19.5%. They’re now paying around $30 per week less for the same amount of electricity compared to what they would have been paying on their old plan.”

27 October 2016
The shocking impact of being on the wrong electricity plan
Rebecca Reed, Tots To Teens

“Here at Flick, we’re all about educating electricity users, no matter who your provider is. Most of us choose our user plan when we sign up with our electricity supplier and then forget about it. But changes to your living situation can have a high impact on your power bill – whether you’re adding to the family, buying new appliances, changing your working hours or your living arrangements.”

20 October 2016
Get sorted with the best power plan for your family
OH Baby

“So we helped them switch over to a Standard User plan, subsequently dropping their total per kWh cost by around 19.5%. They’re now paying around $30 per week less for the same amount of electricity compared to what they would have been paying on their old plan.”

10 October 2016
Flick Electric Co: Putting power in the hands of the people
Chloe Potvin, Kochies Business Builders

“The flat rate that a traditional retail will charge you is round $0.25 per kilowatt hour, but Flick customers overnight are paying about $0.08. That’s about a third of the price.”

6 October 2016
Flick targets SMEs with power bill transparency
NZ Business Magazine

“So whether you work from home, own a bakery, a dry cleaners, a manufacturing plant or a salon, chances are you could benefit from wholesale power prices.”

11 September 2016
Kiwi-made apps to transform your life
Jamie Morton, NZ Herald

“Through the use of live generation and price data, and alerts, the app encourages people to use electricity when there is less carbon impact, and to cut back on use when non-renewables are high.”

30 August 2016
Saving Kiwi’s Money on Electricity, One Household at a Time
Brigitte Hicks, Inbound

“The wider context of the energy industry today is not clear, or as efficient as it could be. It’s been that political hot potato where Labour and the Greens certainly pushed and asked, Are there better ways? Do we need to think about whether it is appropriately regulated? Are consumers really getting a fair deal? So the creation of Flick was really about asking those questions, working to solve the problems and create solutions.”

21 August 2016
Energy Industry Celebrated
Sunday Star Times


14 August 2016
The shocking cost of being on the wrong electricity plan
Rob Stock, Fairfax Media

“Stapleton had been on a low user plan. At Flick’s urging he switched to a standard plan, and the price per kilowatt hour dropped by 16 percent.”

16 July 2016
Flick Electric raises another $5 million to power growth
Ash Church, Built in Wellington

“The Wellington-headquartered company, which claims to be the fastest growing electricity retailer in New Zealand, said an offer for shares was fully subscribed by its existing shareholders.”

14 July 2016
Flick Electric raises more money to fund fast growth
Fiona Rotherham, National Business Review

“Online electricity retailer Flick Electric has raised a further $5 million from existing shareholders to fund its New Zealand growth, taking its total capital raising in the past two years to $15 million.”

14 July 2016
Flick Electric raises another $5 million to power growth
Hamish Rutherford, Fairfax Media

“Companies Office records show a large chunk of the shares went to Eastland Group, the Gisborne-based energy and infrastructure group, which first invested in Flick in December. Buying close to half of the new shares, Eastland’s shareholding increased its stake in Flick from around 11 per cent to more than 16 per cent.”

14 July 2016
Eastland Group takes a bigger stake in Flick
Andrew Ashton, Gisborne Herald

“Eastland Group was already the electricity retailer’s largest shareholder before buying the new $2.2 million stake in the company. Flick has raised a further $5 million from existing shareholders to fund its New Zealand growth plans.”

5 July 2016
Power in the hands of consumer
Caitlin Salter, Idealog

“The electric company that says it is New Zealand’s fairest deal has been recognised by its competitors as the best consumer retail product.”

22 June 2016
Simon Pohlen of Flick Electric: The CTO with disruptive innovation on his mind
Divina Paredes, CIO

“The company provides its customers access to the wholesale price of electricity direct from the spot market and then charges a transparent fee as a retailer. Flick’s web and mobile apps and unique weekly billing system give customers key information about their consumption and price patterns, which inspires behaviour change, helps with budgeting and avoids bill shock.”

15 June 2016
Flick Electric turns the lights on for NZ Businesses
NZ Business

“I like the fact I have access to real-time information on how much electricity costs and how much I am spending, so I pick the price I want to pay for the things I need to run to work for the business. For instance, I changed the time I bake to earlier in the morning (3am-6am) to take advantage of the low spot price during that time – it’s saving my business money and I’m incredibly happy,”

10 June 2016
Electricity revolution: Power to the people
Pattrick Smellie, The Listener

“Flick is a no-frills company and puts the commercial risk of playing the electricity spot market with the customer, whereas the old generator-retailers agree to supply at a fixed – higher – rate no matter what happens to the 30-minute spot price of electricity. A decade ago, price spikes to hundreds and sometimes thousands of ­dollars an hour would probably have wiped out some Flick customers, if not Flick itself.”

8 June 2016
NZ Business Podcast 19: Steve O’Connor, Founder – Flick Electric Co, Lightning Lab
Paul Spain, NZ Business

“It’s not just about making money by any stretch and we really do care about our customers”

1 June 2016
Free power for marae housing the homeless
Dan Statherley, NewsHub

“Electricity retailer Flick will supply Te Puea Memorial Marae in Auckland with free power. Chief executive Steve O’Connor says it’s good business to be socially responsible and wants others to chip in. “A few dollars off our bottom line means the world to people in need.” The marae welcomed Flick’s support, saying it’ll help them get through winter without the threat of a huge bill.”

1 June 2016
Social workers go to marae for help
Shannon Haunui-Thompson, Radio NZ

“Flick Electric has cleared the marae’s power bill for the next three months and they hope Spark will give them help with IT and an 0800 number.”

30 May 2016
Flick Electric Co give Te Puea Marae free power
Media Release, Scoop

“Flick Electric Co. has committed to supply free electricity to Te Puea Memorial Marae Manaaki Tangata over the winter months while they are temporarily housing people and families who are without accommodation and living rough, in their cars, in carports and in tents.”

29 May 2016
Flicking the switch to save money on your power bill
Rob Stock, Fairfax Media

“The advantage of buying at the spot price is that when they are low, power-users pay substantially less for electricity than they would on a traditional retail contract where the price is the same all the time.”

21 May 2016
Flick Electric announced NZ’s most innovative service
NZ Business

“Innovative electricity retailer, Flick Electric Co. has claimed top honours in the 2016 Hi-Tech Awards, announced in Auckland recently.”

21 May 2016
Bright-spark online start-up Flick eyes overseas markets
Fiona Rotherham, National Business Review

“The two-year-old start-up has attracted 10,600 customers, offering electricity at spot-market electricity prices while consistently being below the major electricity retailers’ tariffs in recent times.”

20 May 2016
People Power
Jai Breitnauer, Good Magazine

“If New Zealand is blessed with so many sources of green power, why is the colour of the grid so murky? It’s all about supply and demand; at peak times we need Huntly for back-up.”

18 May 2016
Right Direction Taken – Flick
Dene Mackenzie, Otago Daily Times

“We believe the authority has moved in the right direction. The authority’s preferred approach will really shine the spotlight on where and how we need to invest in technology to ensure a secure and low-cost energy future.”

17 May 2016
Flick Electric Co. welcomes the EA’s proposed changes

“While there’s still a lot of water to go under the bridge, we believe the EA has moved in the right direction. The EA’s preferred approach will really shine the spotlight on where and how we need to invest in technology to ensure a secure and low cost energy future”

15 May 2016
Face Value: Flick Electric’s boss and the virtuous cycle of work
Rob Stock, Fairfax Media

“Because there’s been no innovation in the category people have become apathetic – they aren’t conscious of how much they’re spending, what they’re paying for, where their power comes from, or how they could do better. And they feel powerless about rising prices. I’m really driven to cut through that frustration and help people use technology to take back control and reduce their cost of living.”

10 May 2016
Spotlight on. . . Flick Electric
Techweek Auckland

“Our vision right from the start was to bring smart consumer energy choices to life.  This remains our reason for being, our goal and focus, and what continues to motivate and drive the whole Flick team day in and day out. How we went about achieving this goal and the paths we have taken have certainly not always been as we planned, but our reason for being and what we stand for has remained really firm and resolute.”

9 May 2016
Flick shows its comedic spark with some help from Kiwi jesters

“Its marketing approach so far has been offbeat, funny and irreverent (with its most recent brand ad featuring comedian Laura Daniel) so a partnership with the Comedy Festival seems like a good fit.”

21 April 2016
Steve O’Connor – rocking the electricity boat
B-Side Stories

“As well as being just the kind of rising star in the tech scene that Wellington is trumpeting, Flick Electric is bringing our attention closely to the dirty side of our power use, with their “Choice” app. The app has been downloaded by over 3000 people since it’s release in February. The dirty truth is out; listen to this interview with  Steve to hear more about what we can do to clean up our act.”

5 April 2016
Owner/Marketer: Jessica Venning-Bryan, Flick Electric Co.

“The customer is everything to us. First of all the whole model is built around transparency with the customers, breaking everything down, showing [them] all the bits that make up their bills and giving them the tools to show how they can use electricity. We talk to them every week and tell them about market conditions. It can be anything from a planned outage on a cable to an outage at one of their power stations.”

1 April 2016
How you can save 18% on your power bill
Ali Mau, Radio Live

“The Electricity Authority estimates about $280 million in savings that are actually available if households switch to the best provider”

29 March 2016
The Power of Green Thinking
Linley Boniface, Pure Advantage

“Buying electricity, says energy pioneer Steve O’Connor, should be like buying strawberries. When they’re at their peak, we’ll score a punnet for a couple of bucks. But when the price is rocketing, maybe we’ll decide to give strawberries a miss until they’re more affordable.”

25 March 2016
Power companies offer fixed-price deals in the face of increases
Susan Edmonds, Fairfax Media

“One approach to combat the price rises is to move to a company such as Flick which passes on movements in wholesale prices to customers. Usually wholesale prices are lower in winter.”

9 March 2016
Cut-price electricity provider flicks on in Gisborne
Andrew Ashton, Gisborne Herald

“To date every customer who has joined Flick is paying less than they were with their previous retailer — average savings are 19 percent with some customers saving more than 50 percent some weeks.”

7 March 2016
World-first climate conscious app tips Kiwis about greenest daily power usage
Charlotte, Happyzine

“Innovative power company Flick Electric Co. has launched a world-first app – called Choice! – that gives Kiwis unprecedented information about the carbon impact of the electricity we are using, in real time. The app is free for all Kiwis, including customers of other power companies.”

3 March 2016
The Kiwi App That Can Help The Planet
The Hits

“It’s a world first – and it helps you make better choices when it comes to energy consumption.”

2 March 2016
New app lets Kiwis check their carbon footprint
Shannon Williams, NetGuide

“Through the use of live generation and price data, and alerts, the app encourages people to use electricity when there is less carbon impact, and cut back their use when non-renewables are high.”

1 March 2016
Eat. Drink. Power. People. Pods
Joanna, The Wellingtonista

“Choice is a world-first app that shows Kiwis the real time carbon impact of the electricity we use. This means, for the first time, we can make a Choice about when we use electricity to reduce our environmental impact.”

1 March 2016
Data-driven experience electrifies energy consumers
Donovan Jackson, iStart Technology In Business

“Sixty percent of all Kiwis are concerned about impact on environment, according to Motu Research. There is a growing movement about awareness of the choices. Through data, we’re helping customers to be more informed with ‘conscious consumption’. And in the energy world, I think this is a world-first.”

29 February 2016
People Power
Jai Breitnauer, Good Magazine

“As time goes on, the consumer is set to gain greater control over the way electricity is produced and distributed. Want to be one of the people with the power?”

26 February 2016
Flick gives consumers the ‘choice’ to be sustainable
Holly Bagge, StopPress

“The app, which is available and free for all Kiwis, including customers of other power companies, uses live generation, price data and alerts to encourage people to use electricity when there is less carbon impact, and cut back their use when non-renewables are high.”

24 February 2016
If you don’t like your power, turn it off
Carbon News

“Choice, launched today by Flick Electric, sends alerts to consumers telling them whether the power flowing through the grid is from renewable or non-renewable sources.”

24 February 2016
Flick app helps customers target renewable electricity sources
Susan Edmunds, Fairfax Media

“Power company Flick has launched an app to help households target their electricity use to times when power is being generated by renewable sources.”

9 February 2016
Flick Electric Co. Comedy Gala
Elephant Publicity

“We’re stoked to announce that the 2016 NZ International Comedy Festival will be powered by Flick Electric Co.as our new major sponsor.”

9 February 2016
Disrupting the retail energy industry with price transparency and great service.
Dave Moskovitz, NZ Startup of the Week

“Flick has a simple business proposition: they put the customer at the centre of everything they do, give you electricity at the wholesale spot price plus a small well-known commission, and give you access to a wealth of easily digestible information that helps you manage your own power consumption.”

28 January 2016
Conscious Consumers will change the world… if we let them.
Steve O’Connor, Flick Electric Co.

“A provider health-check should be as routine as a dental exam. But it’s not. Because it’s not seen as important. It’s not seen as ‘worth their while’, despite there being $260m in savings up for grabs. That’s the sign of a broken industry.”

15 January 2016
I’ve got the power: Flick puts electricity in consumers’ hands
Holly Bagge, Idealog

“In the eccentric ad, three housemates (played by comedian and Funny Girl Laura Daniel, drag performer Amanda la’Whore and Wellington actor Abby Damen) make the most of their Flick electricity plan by using household appliances when the electricity cost is low.”

15 January 2016
Flick’s Jessica Venning-Bryan on marketers’ role in mainstreaming body positivity
Jessica Venning-Bryan, Flick Electric Co.

“We’ve just launched a campaign that puts women front and centre, women in control. Our women are doing normal, everyday things in normal, healthy ways. There’s a good splash of sex-positive humour. There’s no gender stereotyping.”

11 January 2016
Five minutes with… Nikki Bloomfield
Samantha Woodhill, NZ Lawyer

“I have been in the electricity industry for a good long time now – something like 10 years. I was impressed with Flick shaking things up in the industry and truly focussing on customers. “

6 January 2016
Ten* After Ten: Why we need to get more innovative around people and jobs
Jessica Venning-Bryan, Flick Electric Co.

“We are innovative in so many ways, but there is not a lot of progressive thinking about how we engage people in work, and continue to build their skills to an international standard. There’s almost a total absence of high quality professional development and training in New Zealand, and the costs of accessing it offshore are prohibitive.”

23 December 2015
Making flexibility work: Flick Electric Co.
Ministry for Women

“The 34-person Wellington-based company is open to flexible work arrangements across the business, regardless of reason or seniority. About a quarter of staff currently work with some degree of flexibility, including two in the six-person senior leadership team.”

19 December 2015
Power retailer Flick grows rapidly
Simon Hartley, Otago Daily Times

“Minnow electricity retailer Flick Electric Co has grown its customer base almost 300% since its launch in August last year, and recently raised $5million in new capital.”

16 December 2015
Power retailer Flick Electric raises $5 million from shareholders
Hamish Rutherford, Dominion Post

“The fundraising values the company, which nearly tripled its customer base in the six months to October 31, at $20 million, and introduces a cornerstone infrastructure investor and two institutional investors.”

16 December 2015
Eastland Group buys into Flick
Andrew Ashton, The Gisborne Herald

“Gisborne residents can expect more options to reduce power bills after Eastland Group invested $2.2 million in a new cut-price electricity retailer.”

4 December 2015
Disabled man saves $2000 on his power bill
Nancy El-Gamel, Waikato Times

“When I move from here, Flick are coming with me no matter what. I am not changing. I’ve never been so in control of my own money”

29 November 2015
Wellington Is Bigger On Tech and Innovation Than You Think
Jason Lim, Forbes

“Another innovative startup solving an extremely complex yet important problem is Flick Electric. The company is making electricity billing cheaper, more transparent and controllable for consumers. Compared to a typical electricity retailer that charges a hefty markup on the wholesale price, Flick sells at the wholesale price and only charges a nominal fee that varies according to location.”

15 November 2015
Dear Mama Likes: Soulhaven Creative Productions, Flick Electric, MUNCH Eco Hero feeding set
Emily Writes, Mama Said

“Flick might just be New Zealand’s first ethical power company. And I like Steve. He’s like a Power Ghandi or something. They seem to genuinely want New Zealanders to get a fair deal with their power. He also rang me from his cell phone and said I could call him if I needed anything and like maybe he might come over and baby sit my kids while I go out rampaging/sleep.”

16 November 2015
Flicking the switch on a tired industry; how one start-up is disrupting a tired market
Matthew Tukaki, EntreHub

“What is even more interesting about the offering is that customers can use Flick’s online tool whereby they can receive a price signal from the market which means they can essentially select the price at which they want to purchase their power”

5 November 2015
Working for start-up is great
Law Talk

“Ms Bloomfield works for electricity retailer Flick Electric Co, taking up the role in February when the company’s customers numbered in the hundreds. By October, Flick had just ticked over the 5,000 customer mark.”

30 October 2015
Wholesale electricity-based retailer Flick Electric moves to Christchurch
Tim Fulton, The Press

“Christchurch power users will soon be able to buy electricity based on wholesale prices when independent retailer Flick Electric enters the market on Monday.”

21 October 2015
Cheap is never nasty with NZ’s fairest power deal
Rebecca Reed, Kiwi Families

“By educating and empowering households to pick the price they want to pay for the power they want to use – and by making that as simple as changing a few small routines around the house – we know there are serious savings to be made.”

16 October 2015
Flick becomes Consumer NZ trusted
Derek Bonnar, Consumer

“Flick Electric Co. CEO Steve O’Connor is pleased to achieve the accreditation. “We strive to give our customers a level of love and care they’ve never experienced before in the power category, so having Consumer NZ critique our practices, and provide constructive feedback, has been invaluable,” Mr O’Connor said.”

7 October 2015
Big dreams key Shannan’s success
Erin Kavanagh-Hall, Wairarapa Times Age

“Ms Hargreaves, who lives in Wellington but was raised in Carterton, co-founded Flick Electric, an electricity retailer that gives customers access to the wholesale price of electricity direct from the spot market.”

1 October 2015
Wellington Fast 50 winners capitalise on a point of difference
Collette Devlin, The Dominion Post

“Business winners include technology, business services, electricity, manufacturing and craft beer companies.”

14 September 2015
Small Business: Governance journeys
Caitlin Sykes, NZ Herald

“Steve O’Connor is chief executive of startup electricity retailer Flick Electric, and is a previous CEO of Wellington startup incubator Creative HQ.”

September 2015
10 Questions with Steve O’Connor
Entrepreneur Magazine

“Flick Electric Co. is the only power company that gives New Zealanders access to the wholesale price of electricity direct from the spot market”

31 August 2015
Flick Electric unfazed by prospect of higher wholesale power prices
Joshua Riddiford, National Business Review

“Flick Electric has seen a change in wholesale prices recently but is confident its model will continue to attract customers, with wholesale prices historically cheaper than retail over the long run.”

28 August 2015
Power shopping can yield big savings for your electricity bill
Susan Edmunds, NZ Herald

“Flick, which becomes available in Christchurch next month, has been one of the most aggressive newcomers.”

24 August 2015
Little Flick’s big start
NZ Business Magazine

“We have an amazing team at Flick. I think we did really well pulling the company together and it’s helped us achieve a lot in such a small amount of time.”

20 August 2015
Steve O’Connor flicks the power to the consumer
Caitlin Salter, The Dominion Post

“We’ve come up with a unique model and we use smart retail technology to let our customers access the wholesale market for the first time.”

4 August 2015
Knowing spot price enables savings
Shawn McAvinue, Otago Daily Times

“Greg Sise became the first Flick residential customer in Dunedin when he switched his family home to the retailer in mid-May. Mr Sise said he had no fear switching to a retailer that exposed him to the spot price electricity market. It doesn’t scare me being on a pricing plan with spot prices … The nice thing about being on spot prices, when the prices are high and the supply is contracted, then you are getting that signal directly and you know when your efforts to reduce electricity consumption are going to have the greatest national benefit.

3 August 2015
Power companies giving consumer more control of electricity bill
Collette Devlin, The Dominion Post

“Wellington electricity company Flick Electric, which has about 3000 customers, achieved the best satisfaction in the Consumer NZ survey, with 96 cent.The company was founded by Steve O’Connor out of frustration with the lack of innovation, transparency and fairness traditional power retailers are offering households. Along with Norway, it is now the only retailer in the world that offers residential customers access to wholesale/spot price for using smart meter data, where the price of energy changes every half an hour depending on demand.”

29 July 2015
Power to the people as Kiwis profit from switching providers
Isaac Davison, NZ Herald

“Small retailer Flick Electric Co was passing spot wholesale prices on to consumers.”

23 July 2015
Flick Electric appointments announcement
National Business Review

“Flick Electric Co. has appointed Simon Pohlen as Chief Technology Officer. Simon has a diverse career which spans over a number of disciplines including data analytics, advertising, marketing and digital. Before joining Flick Electric, Simon held consultancy roles and previously was the Head of Technology and New Capabilities for Loyalty New Zealand/Fly Buys.”

8 July 2015
Power companies: Which is the best?
Susan Strongman, NZ Herald

“Newcomer Flick Electric rated highly, with 96 per cent of customers being satisfied with their service. Flick boss Steve O’Connor said the company’s top score reflected the company’s approach of “unbundling” the costs that made up customer’s power bill.”

7 July 2015
Big power companies fail to spark in satisfaction survey
Richard Meadows, Fairfax Business

“Major power companies are failing to spark with their customers, who are fed up with unfair contracts and confusing pricing plans. The big five companies dragged their heels again. Newcomer Flick Electric, which charges customers based on the constantly fluctuating “spot” price, scored 96 per cent.”

21 June 2015
New energy company lures customers with wholesale rates
James Ransley, One News

“New Zealanders are taking up a radical offer from start-up energy company Flick which is charging customers the wholesale electricity price, and with no contracts, it’s easy to give the company the flick at any stage. “We take all of the wholesale costs of supplying electricity to your property and pass them straight through to the customers,” Flick general manager Jessica Venning-Bryan says.

26 May 2015
Expert opinions – a tech start-up’s primer for raising capital: Part 1
Jonathan Cotton, Idealog

“Flick – the first power company in the country to offer time-of-day spot pricing, rather than a fixed flat rate – is proving itself to be the little electricity provider that just might.The company recently concluded its first growth capital round (to the not-too-shabby tune of $4.8m), also securing a good amount of brain power in the process (in the shape of several Angel HQ members, the largest group of members ever to invest in a single deal). Sweetening the pot even further is a recent $100k R&D grant from Callaghan Innovation, currently earmarked for secret “stretch” technology projects with export potential.”

7 May 2015
Flick Electric secures $4.8m in funding from Evander, Morel and Angel HQ
Suze Metherell, NBR

“Flick Electric has secured $4.8 million from investors, including Datacom shareholder Evander Management and venture capitalists Jenny Morel and Phil McCaw as it looks to spread its new wholesale electricity offer across New Zealand. The company is looking to accelerate its customer growth as well as invest in product development.”

16 April 2015
Flick gains $4.8m in capital raising
Kate Barker, Energy News

“Flick Energy is eyeing further customer acquisition and product development after securing $4.8 million through capital raising.  This was the Wellington-based retailer’s first growth capital round, after entering the market almost one year ago.  Flick chief executive Steve O’Connor says capital from the over-subscribed funding round will allow the firm to achieve its growth targets faster.  “The companies and individuals involved have deep expertise and high expectations, so it’s a great vote of confidence in what the founders have achieved so far.”’

8 March 2015
Consumer Watch: Lower electricity prices on offer
Susan Edmunds, NZ Herald

“Flick’s costs change half hourly and are cheapest at non-peak times. Chief executive Steve O’Connor said changes in power use could lead to “pretty substantial” savings.  “If you know you go home, cook a meal, fill up the dishwasher and usually put it on at 7pm [when the price is higher] you might instead wait until you go to bed to put it on when power is cheaper,” he said… O’Connor said it was fair and transparent for consumers, who do not have to sign fixed-term contracts.  The company website says: “We believe customers should have complete control of how they buy electricity and from whom …  so if Flick isn’t right for you it’s easy to leave at any time.

5 March 2015
Future of the energy industry under the microscope
Michael Wilson, Firstline

“One of the smaller players is Flick, an electricity retailer which launched last year and offers prices based on the fluctuating wholesale price.
Chief executive Steve O’Connor will be talking about competition in the marketplace at the conference, and appeared on Firstline this morning to talk about just that.”

4 March 2015
Increased competition in power market? Not yet, says CEO
Calida Smylie, NBR Online

“Mr O’Connor thinks the industry needs to change. Flick sends out weekly bills rather than monthly, with half-hourly breakdowns of energy usage, which Mr O’Connor says helps customers identify where they could make savings. It bills customers at wholesale price with a service cost on top of that, rather than a bundled flat rate, for better transparency.”

4 March 2015
The lights go up on new North Island power retailer Flick Electric Co.
Sarah Dunn, The Register

“Flick is an independent power retailer with no attachment to power-generating companies. O’Connor is proud of this: “The nice thing about it is that we’re not buying from our Mum and Dad.”

15 February 2015
Plug in to save money
Bernard Hickey, Herald on Sunday

“Purely electric cars have been prohibitively expensive and the business of recharging them has been risky and financially mysterious…That may be about to change because of better battery technology, the high New Zealand dollar and a new way to buy power.”

22 January 2015
Flick opens up its spot market power pricing
Petra Finer, South Taranaki Star

Flick Electric Co has opened up its spot market-priced electricity business to Taranaki households and small businesses, offering the opportunity to change the way they pay for power.”

7 September 2014
Flick the switch to save on bills
Bernard Hickey, Herald on Sunday

“Just like Trade Me all those years ago, Flick has the potential to disrupt an industry and hand a lot more control over to the consumer. The combination of new technology and a functioning market can be a powerful force for creative destruction.”

7 September 2014
New firm offers cheaper power
Emma Rawson, Unlimited

Flick Electric Co is a retailer offering consumers the ability to buy their power at the spot price – meaning they can save money by using electricity when it’s cheapest.”

25 August 2014
Smart meters slow to cut bills in NZ
Radio NZ

“Power companies have delayed the introduction of smart technology that would cut power bills an electricity market observer has said. This follows the launch of Flick Electric, the first power company with prices based on the electricity spot price.”

22 August 2014
Giving fixed electricity pricing the Flick
Nickki Mandow, Idealog

“A new electricity retailer is harnessing the untapped potential of metering technology to make power pricing a whole lot smarter.”

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