September marked the first anniversary for some of our earliest Flick customers. We’ve been waiting for this opportunity to shout from the rooftops how much our Flicksters have saved in the past year:

Flicksters who’ve been with us for the past year saved an average of $360 each!

Our biggest saver saved a total of $1416.56 since joining Flick a year ago!!!

And the very best news…

97of Flicksters

That’s in addition to any ‘prompt payment discount’ (or what we like to call a ‘late payment penalty’!) they might have been getting with their old retailer!

The great news is that if you’re not already a Flickster it takes less than 5 minutes to join, and you can start enjoying New Zealand’s fairest power deal too.

At Flick we sell you electricity direct from the wholesale market. That means that you have access to real-time information on how much electricity costs so you can pick the price you want to pay for the things you want to do around the house.

Having access to the spot market price of electricity means that even without changing your habits, you can save on your electricity with Flick – we reckon around 7.5%. But you can stack up some extra savings by getting to know market price patterns and using some of your electricity when prices are usually low. On average our customers have saved 19% since joining Flick!

Market prices are often higher at peak usage times such as breakfast and dinner time, but we tend to see cheaper rates later in the middle of the day, in the evening, during the night and in the weekends. So if you’ve got a timer on your dishwasher, washing machine or dryer, then why not set them to come on after you’ve gone to bed. Small changes in habits like this all add up and help you to have smaller, more manageable power bills. When it comes to savings, the ball is in your court!

To put your savings into perspective, we’ll also show you how much you’ve saved on a weekly basis. When calculating your savings, we take into account any prompt payment discount you might have received with your old retailer. You’ll also see your total savings since switching to Flick. More savings on electricity means more money to spend on other things, like holidays, new shoes, a shiny new laptop or phone, or maybe just some extra moolah to keep in your savings account for a rainy day!

Who would have thought that a power company, could actually deliver real savings to its customers!?!

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