Last week, there was not one, but two major milestones at Flick HQ this week.  Drum roll…

We’ve saved our customers over $1 million bucks and it feels good!  

After just 18 months as New Zealand’s fairest power deal, and with a rapidly growing customer base, we’re aiming high in 2016 and expect saving sof more than $5m in the coming year.

Average annual savings are $360 per household, while the top saving Flick household is already $1,843 better off.

“Spot market prices have been excellent for sustained periods over the past year and the upside of this has flowed straight through to our customers,” says Chief Flickster Steve O’Connor.

The Electricity Authority estimates that there is $280m in savings available in the residential electricity market if households switched to the cheapest provider in their area.

“We know there is significant money coming out of Kiwis pockets, and by extension local economies, because people are paying more than they need to for power. The million-dollar savings milestone validates that our model works and helps kiwis save,” said O’Connor.

$5m capital raised for further #FlickLife developments in 2016

We were chuffed to announce that we’ve raised $5 million from investors to push on with our growth plans.

As our Chief Flickster put it, “Incredible effort and achievement from the Flick Electric Co. team to gather significant growth capital from key new investors whilst still keeping the foot to the floor driving customer and business growth.”  Check out this interview with Steve.

We don’t know about you, but we’re excited about what the future holds for us!

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