It’s normal practice for power companies to increase their prices on 1 April each year.

The 1 April date is used because that’s the one date each year that local lines companies can change their prices by law.  And because most power companies lump all the costs of supply and their profit into a single flat price, you never really know who’s winning with a price change. Sure as eggs it’s not you!

But at Flick, we break out all of the costs of supply, including our Flick fee, on your bill each week so you can always see exactly who you are paying for what.  We also pass through all the costs of supply without any mark up, so when someone in the supply chain puts their price up, you know exactly who it is.

This 1 April, most of the local lines companies are increasing their charges but there’ll be no increase in our fee for being your retailer.

That’s right – Flick isn’t increasing its prices this year. Hooray!

There’s another couple of crappy tricks most power companies play at this time of year.

The first one is asking customers to lock in their price for a fixed period, which also ties them into a contract. The truth is that market conditions are great for consumers at the moment, so you can chase a better deal and save when you’re not locked in.

Flick customers are saving on average 18% compared to their previous retailer. And that’s after any prompt payment “discounts” are taken into account!

You can see what Consumer NZ and Electricity Authority had to say about fixed contracts in this recent news story.

The other trick is hooking you in with a cash offer, which goes something like this…

So don’t be a sucker this year. Shop around for the best deal – one that’s transparent, honest and fair.

Listen to what Chief Flickster Steve said on Radio Live last about the savings to be made.


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