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Flick's proud to be Toitū carbonzero certified

Earlier this year we took on the challenge to become Toitū carbonzero certified.

After a rigorous audit process, we are now proudly a carbonzero company with some big commitments to reducing our emissions as our business grows.

How much carbon is Flick responsible for?

Through their audit process, Toitū carbonzero helped us accurately measure our greenhouse gas emissions. Our total emissions for the last financial year were 3.97t/CO2-e and came from:


How does Flick offset its carbon impact?

Once a Toitū carbonzero certified business understands how much CO2-e it’s responsible for, it must offset those emissions by purchasing verified carbon credits to achieve a net zero balance, and put a plan in place to reduce emission levels (relative to the size of the company) before its next audit.

We’ve purchase verified carbon credits, through Toitū carbonzero, at Pigeon Bush in the Wairarapa. By pushing credits at Pigeon Bush we are supporting the regeneration of native forests which helps to encourage native biodiversity.

And what about reducing Flick’s carbon impact this year?

It’s a critical part of the Toitū carbonzero program that participating companies put in place strategies to reduce their emissions. Flick has committed to:

  • Manage travel emissions – continue careful consideration of necessity of all domestic flights and continue to support company culture of walking/biking to Wellington based meetings
  • Reduce electricity emissions – conduct audit of office lighting set-up in office
  • Reduce waste to landfill emissions – upscale recycling capability and reinforce company culture of conscious consumption and recycling effort

You can support a cleaner NZ!

By spending your consumer dollars with companies that hold a Toitū carbonzero certification you’re showing that environmental responsibility matters to you, which will hopefully encourage more businesses to take their carbon impact seriously.

There are a load of fantastic kiwi companies who hold a carboNZero certification, including Wellington Zoo, Abe’s Bagels and Yealands Wine – you can see the full list here.

There are only two Toitū carbonzero certified electricity companies in New Zealand and we’re proud to be one of them! If you’re already with Flick, great stuff! And if you’re not, you can join here (it only takes 3 minutes!).

Every certified company has a public disclosure statement available where you can see their emissions and how they plan on managing/reducing these. You can check out ours here.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint at home?

The Toitū carbonzero programme isn’t just for businesses – it can help you manage your personal carbon footprint too. Use their handy wee calculator to calculate your emissions, and if you’re really committed you can purchase carbon credits to offset them. The site also has loads of resources and handy tips to help you become more mindful of your habits.

You can also check out our Carbon Tracker – it shows you how much carbon NZ’s electricity mix is creating in real time, so you can choose whether to use power when emissions are high, or not. Flick YEAH!