With just two years behind us we pretty jolly proud to have saved our #CleverFlickers $2 million already! And with a group of customers that’s growing by the day, we’re on track to save Kiwis many more millions over the coming months and years. 

But because we believe in full transparency, we think it’s important that we explain how we add up all those savings…


How Flick works

At Flick, we pass through the spot market price of electricity to you and charge a separate fee to be your retailer, so you always pay the real market price of the electricity you use. Most other retailers charge you a flat rate for power, meaning you don’t benefit from lower spot prices when they come… and they do!


Rocket-boosting your savings

By joining Flick, you’ll save simply by benefiting from the spot market price of power. But some Flicksters save even more by running heavy appliances like dishwashers or home heating solutions during periods of low cost – clever! Check out how these Flick flatties are making the most of off-peak prices…

We’ve also got an awesome app called  CHOICE, that lets you monitor the price of power.


Comparing you to your old retailer

When you switch to Flick we start comparing your bills with us, to what you would have been paying had you stayed with your previous retailer. Those savings give us (and you) a savings figure that contributes to our pool of nation-wide savings.

If you don’t have a retailer when you join Flick or you’re with Powershop or Globug (or a handful of other small retailers), we’ll compare your bill to the biggest electricity provider in your region.

You can find out more about our calculation methodology here.

At $2 million in savings, we’re just getting started. We’re adding to the savings pool at around $85,000 every week and as our customer base grows, so do our savings. 

You can start saving with our Winter Savings Guarantee – give us a call on 0800 435 425

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