Winter power bills. They’re enough to make you duck under the covers with a stock supply of pineapple lumps and not come out until the sun shines again. But winter weather brings lower power prices, so why are your winter power bills usually so high?!

How winter pricing actually works

Approximately 80% of New Zealand’s electricity supply is renewable, generated predominantly via geothermal, hydropower and wind sources.

During winter, all the wind and rain spins the mills and fills the lakes, and with lots of supply typically comes lower spot market prices. For Flick Electric customers that’s where the magic happens.

While other power companies pocket the difference between what they pay for electricity and what you pay them on a flat rate, Flick simply pass the lower winter spot prices straight through to you. It’s NZ’s fairest power deal!

So why the big bills with my power company?

The higher power bills you’re used to seeing during winter comes down to consumption. You use more power to heat and light your home during the colder, darker months, but you pay the same price you’re paying in summer because you’re on a flat rate. That means when your consumption goes up, your bill does too.

But with Flick, the cost of the electricity you use goes down in wet and windy winters! So you can stay warm and dry without the big bills. 

How much will I save?

Spot prices move around depending on the supply of electricity to the market, and how much demand there is. Flick can’t accurately predict future pricing, but last year’s winter data gives us a good indication of what we can expect. Last year, winter prices were 28% lower than they were in autumn. 

And the proof of the Flick approach is in the pudding, so to speak. In the past 12 months their customers have saved on average $394.

What if I don’t save?

There’s never been a better time to join Flick, and to make sure your winter power bills drop. With their Winter Savings Guarantee they promise you’ll save with them. Join Flick before 31 August 2016 and if you don’t save up until October 31, they’ll pay you the difference between what you paid and what you would have paid with your previous retailer or the leading power provider in your area. No tricks, no traps, no fixed term contracts – just savings, guaranteed! 

Join Now to get our Winter Savings Guarantee

Learn more about our Winter Savings Guarantee or call us on 0800 235 425 to speak to a real person.

Winter Savings Guarantee Ts & Cs
All customers who apply to join Flick from 31 May 2016 to 31 August 2016 and who have successfully completed switching by 30 September 2016 will be included in the Winter Savings Guarantee promotion. From the date the customer joins Flick until 31 October 2016 Flick guarantees customers will save, based on comparing a customer’s Flick plan to their previous retailer’s standard comparable published plan, for their network and metering set up, at the time they joined Flick. Flick include their previous retailer’s prompt payment discount in the calculations, but do not include any potential alternative plans or discounts which are additional to a customer’s old plan. If a customer is moving to a new property, or were with Powershop or Globug (or a handful of other small retailers), Flick will compare a customer’s total spend with Flick against the biggest retailer in the area. The Winter Savings Guarantee promotion excludes existing Flick customers and does not apply if a customer switches away from Flick or has been in Flick’s debt process. Any payments will be made in the month following 31 October 2016.

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