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Dual fuel myths... busted

Do you love your gas cooktop but equally adore your dishwasher for doing the washing up?

Maybe you’re a fan of warm towels fresh off the heated towel rail, but you also appreciate the unlimited hot showers of your gas cylinder?

Well, this one’s for you, dual-fueler.

Dual fuel is the industry term given to a home that uses two types of fuel – most commonly, electricity and gas.

At Flick, we offer electricity only, and it’s really no big deal – plenty of our Flick customers have their electricity with us and their gas with another retailer because, quite simply, it’s easy and it’s worth it.

Let’s bust some dual fuel myths

Unfortunately, there are a couple of common dual fuel misconceptions floating around: like you can’t have your gas with one retailer and electricity with another, or that using different retailers is a huge pain in the proverbial – but that just isn’t the case. Let’s sort the truths from the myths.

MYTH: You have to have both your gas and electricity with the same supplier.

TRUTH: Believe it or not, as a conscious consumer you can (and should) pick the best retailer, or retailers, for you. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t split your electricity and gas between suppliers, especially if it means getting a better deal.

MYTH: You’ll lose savings from the dual-fuel discount your gas company offers if you move your electricity to another supplier.

TRUTH: Yes, some companies do offer a discount for customers who have both their gas and electricity with them. But the savings from this discount aren’t necessarily better than the savings you’ll make by simply choosing the best suppliers for you, even if that means one supplier for gas, and a different supplier for electricity.

MYTH: It’s just way too hard to have separate retailers.

TRUTH: It’s actually flickin’ easy. It only takes three minutes to sign up with Flick, and we’ll even break up with your current retailer for you. You can choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly billing, whichever works in with your budgeting best – easy peasy!

If you’re up for the change, sign up with Flick and check out Powerswitch to find out which gas provider can give you the best deal. You’ve got the power!