We all know the usual tricks to help cut costs – things like choosing energy efficient appliances, installing insulation, blocking drafts, and switching electronics off at the wall.  But there must be other ways to save money on your power bills, right?

Absolutely! And if you’re a Flickster you can pat yourself on the back – you’re already ahead of the game. But what else can you do keep those power bills nice and low (just where we like ’em)?

Don’t let your power company determine what you pay for your electricity. Join Flick and be the boss of your bills!

Here’s our list of the top 5 things you can do to take control of how you use your electricity.

  1. Shift your load

    If you’re with Flick, you’ll probably already know that the cost of power changes every half hour. And 41.22% of the time, power pricing is considered low. With our awesome CHOICE app, we give you access to real time prices, allowing you to monitor the cost of your power and choose when you use your appliances.  Using them when prices are low can save you a tonne of money.

    Distribution of spot prices

  2. Use timers

    The price of power is dependent on supply and demand – that’s the supply of energy available at any one time coupled with the demand for electricity from everyday New Zealanders. So at 6pm when a whole lot of people arrive home from work, start heating their homes and cooking dinner, the price of power tends to increase.  It makes sense, then, to use timers to switch on appliances during low demand times, and it can reduce your power bill significantly. No timer? Check out WEMO, with a family of switches and devices that allow you to control your home from your mobile.

    Spot price of power with Flick Electric Co

  3. Choose your plan

    User plans are designed to help you save money by taking into account customer variables that influence your power usage, such as the size of your household, and what time of day or night you use more power.  Most people choose their user plan when they sign up with their power company, then forget about it. But small changes to your living situation can have a high impact on your power bill. Adding to the family, a change in working hours or new appliances and power tools can switch you from a low user to a standard user or vice versa. Ensuring you’re on the right plan for your situation is an easy way to reduce your power bill, and with most power companies you can switch plans once every year at no cost.

  4. Analyse usage

    Data tracking sounds daunting, but it can give you some very important clues about your power usage. When your household is asleep and your appliances are switched off, it makes sense that you should be using very little power. Usage-peaks overnight or during the day when nobody is home could indicate an issue with your hot water cylinder or other appliances that are inflating your power bills. Here at Flick we provide you with an easy-to-understand dashboard that illustrates when you use power and how much. Check the analyse tab at myflick.flickelectric.co.nz from a desktop to make sure your appliances aren’t using power without you.

    Flick Electric spot prices at night with off-peak pricing

  5. Look beneath the surface

    If you’re a Flick customer already, you’ll know that there are plenty of long-term savings to be made by paying the wholesale price of electricity.  While other power companies will make shiny cash offers, prompt payment discounts and other add-ons that appear to be a good deal at face value, the long term benefits are zilch in comparison. And being locked into a fixed term contract means that customers can’t leave the power company if they change their mind in a few months time. At Flick we believe that a power company can – and should – be founded on honesty, transparency and fairness in practice.  And that’s why we’re New Zealand’s ONLY Consumer Trusted Power Company.

With Flick, taking control of your electricity use – and the money you spend on it – has never been easier.  You’ve got the power!

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