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Got a small business? It's time to Flick!

Here at Flick, we’re wholeheartedly behind small business.

We’re proud to support and work with entrepreneurial-minded people who are following their passions, pushing boundaries and exploring new ground. It’s not an easy thing to do, to start and run a business from the ground up.

Want power over your power? Join Flick!

Flick Electric began much the same way. We grew from big ideas and passion, and we think that makes us pretty well suited to be the electricity provider of small-to-medium sized businesses. After all, we know what it takes, we know the costs involved, and we’re determined to keep challenging the norms in a sector that is long overdue for it.

So what makes us the best electricity company for your small business? Well, we do things differently. And we think different is good.

__We’re transparent, honest and fair. __

If you’ve heard of us before, you might already know that what we offer is vastly different to that of traditional power companies. On our spot price plan, Freestyle, we don’t charge a set fee for electricity, which masks the actual information you need to have in order to make informed decisions about your power.

Instead, we pass on to you the exact costs of getting power to your business premises – that’s generation, transmission, distribution and metering – at the wholesale price, without any mark up. So, what you pay for the cost of electricity is its exact market price. We then charge a separate fee to act as your retailer.

And our fixed price product, FIXIE, is totally transparent, too. Whatever we pay for power is the same price we sell it on to you for: we simply fix the spot price for six months at a time, and pass onto you all the supply costs at the wholesale rate (plus your Flick fee for having us as you’re retailer).

It’s all there on your electricity bill in black and white. No surprises, no hidden fees – just business founded on good old fashioned honesty.

Pricing distribution

With our transparent pricing you’ll know exactly what your electricity bills are made up of – honest and upfront business, just the way it should be!

We bill you weekly

OK, so receiving your power bill each week might sound a little scary. But really, it’s a big positive for small businesses.

Weekly bills allow you to manage your finances with greater accuracy (no estimates, and no horrendous power bills come the end of the month), and it also helps you to really think about how your business uses electricity.

If you see price changes between weeks, it’s a great incentive to follow your usage a little more closely and find out why.

We give you control over your power

Our online dashboard and Flick app will become your new best friends. These neat tools allow you to monitor the price of power in real time, as well as your own exact usage, so you can make informed decisions about when you use your appliances. Those on our spot price plan, Freestyle, have the ability to move a few tasks to off-peak times when prices are lowest, so that your business can mount up the savings!

FIXIE customers don’t miss out either. If you’re located in a network area where your price changes depending on the time or season, you’ll still be able to move energy use around to take advantage of lower price times.

Have a browse of our ‘Not-your-usual ways to save power’ blog – and really kick those high power bills to the curb.

We can help your business make sustainable choices

Did you know that the electricity mix we use changes all the time? Sometimes, when we’re using renewable energy like hydropower and wind turbines, it’s cleaner. And sometimes, when we’re using oil, gas and coal, it’s dirtier.

The mix affects our greenhouse gas emissions and up until now, as consumers we never really knew what the mix was, nor the influence we could have on it. But now we do.

CHOICE by Flick is a bit of a breakthrough, really. It tells you the current electricity mix and emission levels so that you can see – and make choices about – how your business influences the mix of electricity in our grid. Pretty neat, huh?

Thinking about making the Flick for your business?

Go on! It’s super easy and it only takes a couple of minutes (and we’ll even break up with your old retailer for you). Give us a call on 0800 4 FLICK, or visit us online at Flick Electric Co. You’ll be glad you did.