Jeanie Stewart joined Flick Electric Co. last year, in 2015, after receiving an $800 monthly power bill from her previous retailer.

Stewart says: “The cost of my bills was horrendous at certain times of year. I run a slightly larger house than is typical. It’s double level, has a granny flat and a pool.”

“It finally made me think that I had to do something about it.”

So she visited the Powerswitch website to see what other power companies were offering, and Flick Electric Co. came out on top.

Here at Flick we do things differently to traditional electricity retailers, who charge their customers a flat rate for their electricity. The problem is that customers never really know what the company mark-up is, because costs and profits are hidden.

Flick, however, is founded and run on a totally different model. We aim to be as open, transparent and honest as possible, so instead of an inflated flat rate, our customers pay the wholesale cost of electricity plus our retailer fee. There’s no price mark-up whatsoever. Although the spot price does move up and down at any given time (and can occasionally spike 0.17% of the time), in general, the wholesale price is far lower than the flat rate prices of traditional retailers, creating opportunities for large customer savings.

Flick customers also have access to our innovative online “dashboard” which displays the live, spot price of electricity, and the cheapest (or most expensive) times to run their appliances.

Jeanie says she is now aware of the costs of running her appliances at peak and off-peak times.

“I was able to see for the first time what power I was using, at what time of the day, and what it was costing me,” she says.

Not only this, but Jeanie’s Flick power bills tell her exactly how much she has saved since joining. Her bill (from May 2016) showed savings of $1033.70 since she switched around August 2015.

If all New Zealand households were to switch to the cheapest electricity retailers for their areas, the Electricity Authority estimates the country could save as much as $280m.

As at May 2017, Flick customers have already saved more than $9 million.  The average saving per customer over the past 12 months, compared to what they would have paid on their old power contracts, was $498.

Pre-winter is a great time to make the change to Flick.  The sooner you join, the more you’ll save.

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