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Get to know your dashboard

Your Flick dashboard is a downright handy tool.

It’s a good one to become well acquainted with because it provides you with all sorts of information about your power. You can see the current price of your electricity, how much you’ve used and when, your daily spend, and the savings you’ve made (if you haven’t had a good look around your dashboard, now’s the perfect time!).

But every now and then it might seem like your dashboard is just not playing the game. There might be grey bars (or no bars!) where there should be colour. There might be time or date delays. Or perhaps, if you’re a Freestyler, you’ve noticed pricing inconsistencies with the live Electricity Market. Don’t fret, dear Flicksters, we’ll explain it all.

What’s behind the date on the ‘Snapshot’ tab of my dashboard?

The billing information on your dashboard relies upon two main pieces of information: final prices from the electricity market (if you’re on our spot price plan, Freestyle) and usage information from the metering companies (for both Freestyle and FIXIE customers). There’s a standard two day delay in receiving this information from those parties, and after the weekend, and around billing day, that delay can sometimes be longer. The date shown on the Snapshot page is the last date that we had both your final pricing information and usage data. We’re working to improve our systems to be able to offer you more up to date information.

Why might I see grey bars in the ‘Bills’ or ‘Analyse’ tabs of my dashboard?

To show the bars on your dashboard – and of course, their related data – we need to have both the price and usage information we’ve just mentioned. If the bar is grey, or even absent, then it means we’re still waiting on information from the meter companies and/or electricity market. And there can be other reasons too – occasionally there may be a communication issue with your meter, which prevents us from receiving your usage data, or we may not have price information if there’s a hold up with final prices from the market.

If you’re intrigued by the life cycle of spot prices on the electricity market, have a read of our ‘Forecast to final prices‘ blog.

Why can’t I see my price or usage on the day view of my ‘Analyse’ tab?

For the same reason. It just means that we’re still waiting on either pricing or usage data. Hang in there!

Why is the price I see on my dashboard needle different to the price listed on the live electricity market?

If you’re on our spot price plan, Freestyle, and keeping an eye on the electricity market, via em6live for example, you might notice a discrepancy between their electricity price and ours. That’s because em6live shows the current spot price of electricity only, whereas the price on the needle of your Flick dashboard shows the spot price for your area, as well as all the other variable charges – generation, distribution, our retailer fee and the Electricity Authority (EA) levy. It’s worth noting that the price on your needle doesn’t include fixed charges that apply regardless of how much electricity you use, such as metering charges, additional generation and distribution charges, and your daily Flick fee if you’re a standard user.

Prices on em6live are displayed in $/mWh, rather than the c/kWh prices you see on your needle – so to compare em6live with your needle, just move the decimal point on em6live one place to the left and you have c/kWh, for example, $50/mWh = 5c/kWh. The prices shown on em6live also change every 5 minutes, whereas our prices change half hourly, which we’ve found offers a better indication of final pricing. Once again, for more on the life cycle of spot prices, check out our ‘Forecast to final prices‘ blog.

Why is my dashboard empty?

It takes a certain amount of time for your dashboard to populate your information after you sign up. This is because we’re in what’s called the Switching Process (oooooh!), and this can take up to 10 business days to complete while we wait for your previous retailer to release your information to us. During the Switching Process, we don’t have access to any of your meter data, so we’re not able to display any information regarding usage or pricing. Once everything is switched over and we have access to your information, it’ll be updated on your dashboard. Job done!

I have two houses with Flick and both are showing on my dashboard, but I can only see one in the Android app. Is that normal?

At the moment, yes. For now, we can only display one account on the app, but we’re hoping to be able to show more in the future.

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