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Terrified of weekly billing? Don't be! Here's why

If the thought of receiving your power bill EVERY WEEK sends a cold shiver down your spine, we completely understand. And you’re not alone.

In fact, we’ve spoken to a lot of Flick customers who had the same fear of weekly billing before they joined us. But, as they’ve all discovered, it’s really no big deal; in fact, if anything, they’ve found it better and easier to manage than monthly billing!

Don’t believe us? Well, if you’ve been following the Flick journey, you’ll know that we like to do things differently. We’re a startup, so our beginning was (and still is) very small. That has given us some great opportunities to change the way things are done. We’ve been able to ignore the traditional confines of the electricity industry and become an electricity provider that does things in a better way - that’s better for our customers, better for business, and better for our environment.

Looking for an easier way to manage your power bills? Flick can help you out, with weekly billing and tools to keep an eye on your usage.

So why did we decide on weekly billing? Well, here are four very good reasons.


The main reason we landed on weekly billing is because, in our experience, making payments little and often is far more budget-friendly (and mental health-friendly) than monthly billing. It encourages you to plan your weekly spend, and gives you a clearer overview of where your money’s at. If you know what you’re outlaying in total each week (we’re talking power, groceries, petrol and everything in between) then it makes it much easier to save and spend wisely.

Actual reads (not estimated)

With Flick Electric, those horrendous, wildly inaccurate bills that arrive at the end of the month are a thing of the past. Because we bill weekly, and because our spot price plan, Freestyle, offers access to the wholesale market, we only provide electricity to homes and businesses with smart meters. This means that all of our bills are actual readings, so you’ll always stay informed about the actual cost of your electricity use. Yesss!

You’re in control (that means cheaper bills!)

A huge advantage of weekly billing is that it gives you significant control over how much you spend on your electricity. Because you’re billed each week, you’re prompted to keep an eye on what you’re using and spending. We’ve also designed weekly billing features to complement your Flick tools, so you have more control over when you use electricity, and how much it costs you. Our smart tech tools include:

  • Your dashboard: which displays the spot price forecast, your usage patterns and the market patterns for every half hour, how much you’ve spent on electricity that day, and also what you’ve saved at the end of each billing period (compared with what you would have paid with your old retailer).
  • The Flick app: which gives you a quick, live view of what prices are doing in real-time, so you can make the most of cheap power prices through our Freestyle plan. It lets you set and receive price alerts based on NZ electricity prices or emission levels, and gives you access to billing info from your smart device.

Identifying faults

Another big tick in the box of weekly billing is that it helps us quickly identify issues and sort them out. So if you start working from home or your hot water cylinder springs a leak and your power bill suddenly skyrockets, we can immediately tell that something’s up and help you get it sorted (check out our ‘How much is your hot water cylinder costing you?’ and ’What’s your User plan, Stan?’ blogs for more info).

So, when does Flick bill its customers?

Although we bill you each Tuesday (with payments going out each Thursday), our billing system runs 9 days behind – which means that your weekly bill from us encompasses the week ending 9 days ago.

Why the delay in billing? Well, first up it relates to the availability of usage and pricing information - that’s the time it takes for the metering company to send us your consumption data (usually 1-3 days), and the timeframe for us to receive confirmation of spot prices from the market for that period (a minimum of 2 days). Following that, we also allow time for our own data entry and invoice production.

Lastly, we’ve taken into account the days on which public holidays most often fall (usually on a Monday) in order to make sure that customer Direct Debits aren’t thrown out of whack, as well as the average day of the week that people are paid (because we figure that Flicksters would prefer to be billed after pay-day rather than just before). And there you have it - 9 days later you get your bill!

With weekly billing you’ll know how much your spending on electricity, what your norm is, and when something goes wrong. Information is power, so join Flick today - #FlickYeah!