Whether you’re an academic achiever, a yo pro or a professional student, Flick Electric Co. could be the best thing that’s happened to your flat since the invention of the couch.

We think we’re the ideal power company for flatters, because we’ve got a whole heap of tools that make sorting your flat’s electricity easy and fuss-free. And of course, with access to the wholesale price of electricity, you and the flatmates can keep those bills nice and low too.

Just how it should be, really.

If lower power bills, price transparency and no fixed term contracts sound like what you’re after, sign up for NZ’s Fairest Power Deal.

Down in Dunedin live some really #CleverFlickers. Henry, Ruth and Jayden, who collectively go by the flat name ‘Moist Llamas’ (we haven’t asked why), have been with Flick since early 2016. They’re a flat of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, gaming gurus and caffeine addicts living in a big flat that’s hard to heat, without any form of installed heating. And, of course, as a group of (mostly) IT students living in a city with the fastest internet connection in the southern hemisphere, they’ve got a LOT of gear: we’re talking 7 desktop computers, 3 laptops, 3 TVs and one 24/7 home server.

So what was it about Flick Electric that appealed to this smart bunch? Well, besides our wit, good looks and charm, here are a few things that took their fancy and are keeping them with us, according to Henry.

Saving dollars (read: cheaper power bills!)

“On the 15th of September [2016] we broke the $1,000 savings mark, which is now sitting at an impressive $1,352.86 [as at December 2016]. [Our previous provider] has been desperate to have us back, mailing in various offers of credit and savings promises, none of which would cover the savings we’ve had with Flick.”

This one’s a no-brainer really. Flick passes on the wholesale price of electricity, which sits at ‘Low’ 48.547% of the time (check out the pie chart below!). Most power companies with a traditional business model charge a flat rate price for power, which tends to hover around the ‘High’ price. You might not save every week with Flick, but if, like the Moist Llamas, you can ride the highs and lows of spot prices to make long term savings throughout the year, then Flick is the provider for you.


Transparent pricing

“If you go to the desktop site you can see incredibly detailed information on how much you used at a certain time, how much electricity cost at that particular time and a complete and total breakdown of your bill and exactly what you’re paying for – I’ve never seen that kind of transparency.”

Yip, that’s right – when you become a Flickster, your individual household bill will show you the exact breakdown of your fees. You’ll know the precise dollar amount that you’re paying for things like generation, transmission and distribution, and Flick retailer fees. Flick was founded on the principles of honesty, transparency, fairness and trust, and for the Moist Llamas, this was a big incentive to join us. After all, who doesn’t like to know who they’re forking their money out to, and for what?

A transparent electricity provider? Yip, that's Flick Electric!

A power company with transparent pricing? That’s us.

No fixed-term contracts

“No strings attached is great, as us students tend to migrate a lot…” 

As the Moist Llamas point out, flats often change yearly, and sometimes more frequently than that, so our policy of no fixed-term contracts means that you’re not tied into a time bound agreement that you can’t get out of.  Join Flick knowing that if the flat disperses or something unforeseen crops up, you won’t be locked in by lots of contractual red tape or insane exit fees.

Weekly billing

“The weekly billing has made keeping up with bills super simple… we all pay into the flat account on a weekly basis [so] it’s easy to see where money is going immediately and not have to worry about both internet and power bills slapping us in the face at the end of the month. Weekly billing just keeps everything simple for us.”

If you and your flatmates tend to freak out at the sight of your power bill landing in your inbox, then you’re going to love weekly billing. Your daily spend, as well as your weekly total, is visible on your personal Flick dashboard and gives you far better control of your weekly expenditure. It shows exactly what you’re spending each week so that you can compare power bills, monitor pricing and usage, and keep on top of your bills without any of the monthly billing drama. Too easy!

Know the weekly cost of your electricity with our weekly billing

It’s easier to budget with our weekly billing (and of course, with access to cheap power!).

Online tools

“Being able to keep track of usage and bills online has been extremely useful; the price needle is usually sitting somewhere on my desktop. It’s especially useful to bring out the Choice App before putting a load in the dryer… being in control of what we’re spending on electricity has allowed us to hang out in the same room when prices are high and heat up the whole house when prices are low.”

For a tech-loving flat like the Moist Llamas, Flick might just be a dream come true. Not only can you monitor your flat’s electricity usage online, your personal Flick dashboard also shows you the current spot price of electricity, so you know if it’s a good time to charge up your gadgets or not. We’ve also created the CHOICE app (free for anyone to download and relevant to any power provider, not just Flick) which shows users the real-time carbon impact of their power usage, and helps them make an environmentally conscious choice about when to use their appliances.

Flick dashboard - electricity costs of spot price and weekly power bill

Your Flick dashboard – keep an eye on the spot price and your weekly power bill

Joining Flick takes 3 minutes online. Make like the Moist Llamas and sign up today, or give us a call on 0800 4FLICK (435 425). We’ll get you sorted with New Zealand’s Fairest Power Deal.

Join Flick Electric now!


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