As a company built on the foundations of honesty, transparency and fairness for customers, customer satisfaction is right up there as our core business KPI. So I’m sure you can imagine how chuffed we were to earn the top score in Consumer NZ’s energy provider Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017!

71% of Flick customers surveyed were very satisfied with our performance – yahoo!

Flick was the first retailer to offer access to spot prices on the wholesale electricity market, which change every half hour. We give our customers live price information through our CHOICE app, so you can choose to use electricity when the cost of power is low, and monitor your weekly electricity bill to avoid ‘bill shock’ at the end of each month.

And our model seems to work for Flicksters – 63% of Flick customers surveyed felt they were getting good value for money, compared with the average 29% overall, and we scored above average for competitive prices.

As New Zealand’s only Consumer Trusted power company, we’re super stoked to know that we’re meeting (and exceeding!) the expectations of our almost 23,000 Flick customers. But we won’t rest on our laurels – our business is driven by customer feedback, and we’ll be listening and developing, to deliver an even better experience in future. We’re here to disrupt the industry with a fairer way of selling power, and we’re absolutely humbled to have so many #CleverFlickers along for the ride.

The Consumer NZ Customer Satisfaction Survey was undertaken in May 2017 and completed by a nationally representative sample of 1,437 Kiwis aged 18 years and over. For the full rundown (including the Hall of Shame – eek!), check out Consumer NZ’s Energy Provider Customer Satisfaction Survey online.

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