We know a price spike can feel alarming. But instead of panicking when you see that wee notification come through from your CHOICE app, take a moment to put things into perspective.

The typical price spike lasts for one, sometimes two 30 minute periods. If you can flick things off for an hour or so, you’ll probably get through it with very little impact on your bill. This Dry Winter (2017), we have seen some sustained high price events. So although it’s always good practice to flick off at the wall everything that isn’t necessary to keep your household warm and comfortable, the following guide might give you an idea of what some common peak time appliances might cost during higher pricing periods.


fan heater


two cooktops

slow cooker



tv 42 inch

clothes dryer

warm wash

What else can you do?

  • Set the heater or heat pump temperatures to around 21 degrees if you can, where most people are comfortable. That way it’ll automatically stop heating when the room reaches that temperature and you won’t waste power trying to reach 25 or 30 degrees or more!
  • Gather in one room with a board game, some books or just your conversation hats on. Not sure what to talk about? We’ve had some deep conversations about spirit animals, and whether we’d prefer a week without a phone or a day without cheese. How about, what’s something that started out not-so-great, but ended up flickin’ awesome?  (Hint hint, price spike night!)
  • Send the kids around to flick all the switches off at the wall, and have a chat about why prices are high and how we can collectively reduce our carbon impact, one switch at a time. Our blog, There’s Certainty in Fixed Rates, But What’s the Cost?, is a good place to start.
  • Ever played Elastics? OMG it’s hilarious (if a little dangerous…) as an adult. And it’ll warm you up fast!
  • Get out of the house! Although in reality the cost of taking the family out for dinner or a movie will generally outweigh the cost of a high price event, if you haven’t been for a while and it sounds like fun, tonight could be the night.
  • Or if it’s not a wet night, rug up warm, leave the house and look up at the stars. The SkyView app makes exploring the universe a whole lot more interesting.

Flick offered 102 consecutive weeks of average savings for customers leading up to this unusual Dry Winter that was officially declared in June 2017. If you can ride a few high price events, we’re confident that you’ll be better off in the long run with Flick.

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