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The inside info: how we calculate your savings

Fair and transparent pricing is the name of the game here at Flick. We’re one of the very few electricity retailers in NZ offering households access to the wholesale electricity market on our spot price product, Freestyle, and even our fixed-price product, FIXIE, offers Flicksters completely transparent pricing.

Why? Well, it’s a satisfying feeling for us here at Flick HQ to know that we’re providing a fair price for electricity to Kiwis. And, in the interest of full transparency, we want to make sure we give our Flicksters an idea of what they’re saving - or not saving - with Flick. It’s only fair, right? So, where do we get all our numbers from?

Show me the money

Most of the time, Flicksters will switch over to us from another retailer, so calculating their savings is pretty straightforward. We produce a savings estimate based on information provided by Consumer NZ’s Powerswitch, which is NZ’s only complete, independent source of information on electricity retailers and their pricing plans.

We compare your Flick bill with your previous retailer’s standard comparable published plan at the time you joined Flick to generate an estimated savings figure each week, and we take into account any price changes to your old retailer’s plan.

The comparison also takes into account whether you’re a standard or low user, your metering set up (for example, whether your have an uncontrolled or controlled meter), and any prompt payment discounts available to you. It doesn’t include any special or one-off plans that aren’t publicly available, additional discounts such as dual fuel, e-bills or extra direct debit discounts, or early termination fees for breaking fixed term contracts.

So when can’t we make an estimate using your previous retailer? If you’ve moved into a new property (because you don’t have a previous retailer at that address to compare to), if you were on a non-traditional plan from Powershop, Electric Kiwi or Globug, or if your previous retailer is no longer in business. Instead, we compare your Flick bill with the standard comparable published plan of the biggest electricity retailer in your area, based on information provided by Powerswitch. In the absence of specifics, we reckon this is the fairest way to provide you with guidance on how you’re doing with Flick.

But, how?!

To estimate what you would have paid with your previous retailer, each week we take the number of units your household used that week and multiply this by the relevant rate from your comparable retailer based on the above approach. In doing this, we include all costs and GST. We then deduct your Flick bill for the same period from our calculation of what you would have paid, to calculate your estimated savings.

If you’re personally tracking your savings from season to season, it’s worth noting that usage plays a big part in your total big cost. You might use a whole lot less power in a mild winter for example, compared with a very cold and long winter. Lifestyle factors, such as holidays, employment and family changes can also have a major impact on your usage patterns, so it’s important to factor kWh used into your calculations to truly compare one season’s bills with another, regardless of which power company you were with.

What happens to my savings figure if I move properties?

If you’ve been a Flick customer for a while but you’ve recently moved properties, it’s important to note that the savings figure displayed on your bill and dashboard relates only to your current property. To calculate your total savings since joining Flick, simply add the savings figure of your previous property’s final bill to that of your new property’s most recent bill. Voilà!

And when I don’t save?

If there are weeks that you pay more with Flick than you would have paid with a previous supplier, we’ll minus that amount from your all-time savings figure (that’s the total amount you’ve saved since you joined Flick), so you’ll always be able to see if your total savings are in the red or black.

If you flick back through your bills from week to week on the Bills tab of your dashboard, you might notice that the all-time savings figure in the bottom right corner doesn’t change. That’s because this up-to-date savings figure is always related to your most recent bill, regardless of which bill you’re looking at.

Still got questions?

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