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Flick's for Dignity

Every now and then a social enterprise comes along that really sets a spark to our match.

Most often, it’s because they’re innovative, pushing for change, and making positive contributions in their communities. And Wellington startup Dignity definitely ticks all those boxes!

We were first introduced to Dignity and its buy-one-give-one model in April 2017, and we loved the idea from the get-go. Founded by local students Miranda Hitchings and Jacinta Gulasekharam, Dignity sells sanitary items to Kiwi businesses who provide the products, free of charge, to their staff. And for every pack of tampons and pads that Dignity sells, one is donated to a local high school. How neat is that?!

Isn’t it time you joined a power company who gives a sh*t about something other than profit margins? Become a Flickster today.

Dignity has partnered up with NZ health revolutionaries, Organic Initiative, to provide products for the subscription service. Their sanitary products are made from high quality, organic cotton, which means they’re free of nasty chemicals and are biodegradable, breaking down in five years rather than the 500 years of standard tampons (eek!).

Sadly, there’s a growing need for support of this kind throughout NZ, with more and more stories surfacing each year about girls and women who are forced to miss days in school and employment because they can’t afford to buy sanitary items. Here at Flick, we believe it’s a problem that shouldn’t exist, so it was a no-brainer for us to sign up and support them. In fact, Flick Electric Co. was the first business to register with Dignity, because we’re super passionate about supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace, promoting gender equality, and making personal wellbeing an issue we all take seriously.

Nikki Bloomfield, Flick’s General Counsel and legal whizz, initiated our partnership with Dignity, and says, “It’s had a great response from our team and we think it’s a really positive way to demonstrate that we are a diverse and inclusive workplace.

“The service Dignity provides makes sense. Workplaces provide all kinds of office consumables, and there’s no good reason why sanitary items shouldn’t be included. We hope in the future it becomes the norm for all workplaces to make these products available to women, and that other businesses follow in our footsteps.

“It’s clear Dignity has given thought to the products they supply - by consciously deciding to supply New Zealand made products and being mindful of health and the environment. We’re also pleased to be able to support an organisation that is helping resolve issues that impact on girls’ access to education.”


If you’re part of a business that cares about more than just profit, check out Dignity and join us in empowering women.