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Andrew and Hollie from Dunedin have saved over $2000 since joining Flick!

We’ve got all the heart eyes for Dunedin here at Flick HQ - with it’s striking architecture, surfing hotspots, legendary pubs and of course, NZ’s only castle… who can blame us?! And much like this city, our Flicksters down in Edinburgh of the South are pretty awesome too.

Want to save money on your power bill and learn some smarter ways to use your electricity? You’re in luck - Flick’s here to help!

Meet the Humphries family

Andrew and Hollie Humphries and their two young boys, Fletcher and Rory, joined Flick around 2 years ago. They’re a one-income family (Hollie is studying towards a degree in midwifery) keeping a close eye on their budget, and were fed up with the stress of receiving high monthly bills from their previous power retailer. And fair enough too - no family should have to sacrifice a warm house for cheaper power bills!

Andrew says, “I would go to bed with a woollen hat on because I was put off using the heat pump; we were already facing high power bills.” They also never used their dryer, fearing an even more expensive bill.

But now that they’re with Flick - and enjoying access to the spot price of electricity on our Freestyle plan - Andrew has taken off the hat. “I put on the heat pump and dryer overnight and make the most of the off-peak spot pricing.”

Distribution of spot prices with Flick Electric. Prices are nice and low the majority of the time!

Having been on Freestyle since the start of 2016, they’ve already saved a whopping $2,777 (as at October 2017) compared to what they would have paid with their old retailer. That’s about 36%! Their Flick bills range from $28 a week over summer to around $50-60 a week during winter. As Andrew points out, “We wanted to move to Flick earlier but our previous retailer would have charged us $200 to break our contract – in hindsight we should have moved anyway because we saved that much money in the first couple of months being with Flick!”.

How is Flick different?

If you’re a Dunedinite concerned about high winter power bills and a freezing cold home, we’ve got some life-changing news for you - with Flick Electric, it’s actually possible to have a warm home AND make savings on your electricity bill, even in the depths of winter!

How's Flick Different? Flick customers have access to the wholesale, spot price of electricity, unlike traditional retailers who offer set - and high - rates.

That’s because Flick’s business model is entirely different from that of traditional electricity retailers with their higher fixed rates. Our spot price product, Freestyle, gives our customers access to the wholesale (spot) price of electricity, which means that you don’t pay a high fixed rate - when the spot price drops, the price you pay for power drops with it! And although some weeks the spot price might increase, our Dunedin Flicksters are saving big long term, with an average savings figure of $347.80 over the past year (as at October 2017) - whoop whoop!

But the good news doesn’t stop there: with a bit of smart usage (and some help from our seriously cool Flick tools), there are huge opportunities to save even more - check out our blog, ‘Not your usual tips: Top 5 ways to save on power’, for more info.

You deserve better, Dunedin

Don’t pay more than you need to for your power, or put up with a cold home, or get stuck in long-term contracts with extortionate break fees. Be a #CleverFlicker, and head over to our website to join Flick. After all, everyone deserves a fair deal, and with Flick, you know that’s exactly what you’ll get.