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Check out Gisborne's Electric Village!

Word on the street is that there’s a new village taking shape up Gisborne way - a village that’ll be the home of new energy. They say it’s a place where innovation will take centre stage, where community collaboration will unfold, and where new ideas will be discovered.

Well, folks - they’re right! Electric Village is open and Flick Electric Co. is proud as punch to be backing it.

Flick Electric and Electric Village in Gisborne

So, what’s it all about?

Well, all around the world the energy industry is racing ahead. There’s serious talk of a future that’s powered by new development in energy technology like solar generation, battery storage and electric transport. Electric Village, situated in beautiful Gisborne, is taking the industry by the reins here in NZ - it’s a one-stop shop for energy ideas and advice, and a place where the community can interact with the changing world of energy technologies. We’ve partnered up with the good folk at Eastland Group, so that we can support this awesome venture.

Eastland Group Chief Executive, Matt Todd says “We’re excited that Tairāwhiti is taking the lead by establishing New Zealand’s first energy hub. Emerging technologies could offer significant benefits to our community, both economically and environmentally. We hope that locals will play an active role in sharing their ideas on how our region could be powered in the future.”

Inside Electric Village

Down at the Village

A fun and funky wee space at 37 Gladstone Road, the Village takes an interesting look into the past, present and future of energy technology. It’s chocka-block with interactive exhibitions, and you’ll find a tonne of good info on solar energy systems and electric vehicles (you can even take an electric bike for a test-ride if that’s your thing!). They’ve also pulled together some seriously handy hints on how to be more energy efficient at home - wahoo!

The hub includes a dedicated area for people to chat with Flick about its unique offering, which has saved Gisborne locals over $450 on average in the past 12 months (up ‘til November 2017, and on our spot price plan, Freestyle). This is our first retail space in New Zealand, and includes video calling back to Flick HQ in Wellington.

“We’re experiencing so much change in the electricity industry, it was a natural fit for Flick to be part of this hub where people can be exposed and learn first-hand about the disruptive technologies out there. It’s also an opportunity for people to come in and chat to one of our Flicksters, learn more about our model and see how they might be able to save money on their power bills.” says Flick’s Chief Executive Steve O’Connor.

Take an e-bike for a spin!

Charge it

Electric Village is the proud owner of the East Coast’s very first electric vehicle charging station, powered by Flick (there’s another six to follow soon!). It’s a 50kW fast-charging station with room for two vehicles to charge, located just opposite the Gisborne police station. It takes about 30 minutes to fully recharge a vehicle, and you can charge your EV for free until 31 March, 2018 (who doesn’t love a freebie?!).

Charging a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle

Flick Electric and Electric Village

Electric Village officially opened 18 October, and it’s now open to the public (whoop whoop!). Electric Village’s energy champion Katherine is on the ground to chat all things energy and Flick-related, so if you’re in the neighbourhood, be sure to head on down and say hi! Our Flick space comes fully equipped with a video calling station so you can chat face-to-face with one of brand experience advisors in Wellington. Or, if you’re spread further afield, head over to the Electric Village website for more information (and add it to your itinerary next time you’re in that neck of the woods!).

Flick Electric's space in Electric Village