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Winter electricity pricing for Canterbury Flicksters

Hey Canterbury Flicksters, the cooler months are on their way, and in your neck of the woods that means your prices will change a bit. In true Flick style, we want to keep things as clear and simple as possible - so here’s the info on what’s going down.

The Orion Network’s Peak charge

The Orion Network, your lines company, charges a peak demand charge that is based on usage from 1 May to 31 August. What’s a ‘peak demand charge’? It’s a charge that’s determined by the peak usage of customers during what are called ‘peak signal periods’in the industry. They do this to encourage households to change the times they use electricity, and subsequently reduce peak demand on local lines during the cold winter months (and reduce the chance of overloading your infrastructure). If you notice an increase in your weekly bills, this is likely a contributing factor.

Although there is a peak charge that applies to us year-round, the winter peak charge that we pass on to you as an Orion customer is the most transparent and straightforward way that we can convert this peak demand charge to the time of year (1 May – 31 August) and to the periods of the day (7am - 10am and 5pm - 7pm) that are most reflective of the signal periods that Orion uses to calculate the charge at their end (off-peak times still run from 9pm through til 7am, and outside of the Winter Pricing times and off-peak times, standard variable charges apply).

So, how can you keep your bills low? Keep an eye on your clock! Make sure you’re using things like your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher during off-peak hours when prices are much lower (and if you’re not home during those times, invest in a timer - it’s worth it!). As an added bonus for those on our Freestyle (spot price) plan, winter power prices tend to be lower than they are during the warmer months, which means using electricity in off-peak times can really pay off in winter. Load-shifting your electricity usage is not only kinder on your wallet, it’s also kinder on our infrastructure (and the natural environment) too. Win-win!

Maximising long-term savings

As a #CleverFlicker, we know you’re in it for long-term gain. Each passing year will encounter its fair share of fluctuations, but overall the benefits of being a Flickster are huge - and we’ve got the data to prove it! In the year ending April 2018 (which, it’s worth noting, includes winter 2017), Christchurch customers on our spot price plan Freestyle, saved an average $204. Wahoo! Here’s to long-term savings, and here’s to power over your power.

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