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How to track the carbon emissions from your electricity use with Flick

Keep track of NZ’s electricity emissions with Carbon Tracker

Chat from our #CleverFlickers shows, loud and clear, that they want to know how their personal electricity use contributes to NZ’s carbon footprint.

We’re 100% on that wavelength too, so we’ve given our Flick app an overhaul, and with that comes the new and improved Carbon Tracker tool.

Renewable energy in Aotearoa

Sadly, there’s lots of misinformation out there surrounding retailers who claim to sell ‘green energy’. The fact is that, much like vege soup where everything’s thrown into one big pot, all our electricity generation - the clean and the dirty - goes into the National Grid, and then out to our homes and businesses. There’s no nice selecting of renewable power, or discarding of the stuff which creates lots of carbon emissions (no matter what some companies say).


Flick’s world-first app has always given Kiwis live updates about the carbon impact of our electricity use, and sends alerts so you know when to switch things on and off to reduce your carbon impact.

But here’s the VIP ticket: Flick customers now get information about their personal carbon footprint, measured in farting goats, so they can see how much carbon their power use contributes. Flicksters can also choose to balance their carbon use by making a donation to the wonderful charity, Trees That Count. They’re on a mission to plant millions more native trees that count – for climate change, for biodiversity, and to enhance our beautiful country. Boom!

CHOICE by Flick carbon screen

How does Flick work out that info?

Every half hour, we receive info from Energy Market Services (EMS) about the types of generation being used (like coal or hydro), and we multiply that by the emissions factor for each energy source (supplied by MBIE) to get our numbers. To work out the unique carbon emissions of each Flick household, we take the info calculated above and factor in your usage to determine your personalised emissions.

This won’t be a precise calculation because we can’t track electrons, but an estimate of your contribution to the national total. If you’re a facts and figures fiend, you can read more about how we calculate emissions here.

Why does Flick care about carbon emission?

Social responsibility has always been a top priority for us here at Flick. We understand that, as a company, we’re only as strong as our community and the natural environment that supports that community. This is particularly true when it comes to our role as a power company.

The way energy is generated and consumed is a critical piece of the carbon puzzle, and we want to do everything we can to help our Flicksters not only be conscious consumers, but also active contributors to decarbonising New Zealand. That’s why we’ve done the mahi, so that Flicksters can get an idea of their electricity emissions with the swipe of a finger. Too easy!

Flick’s Toitū carbonzero certified! Find out exactly what that means over on our blog.