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Out with the old, in with the new tools!

Being a Flickster comes with some cracking perks (even if we do say so ourselves). Like paying a fair price for your power. Or seeing our #FlickLife-Friday e-newsletter pop up in your inbox at the end of long, hard week. Or making life a little simpler with unbundled power bills. Ka pai!

But one of the best things about being a Flickster? We reckon it has to be the new products and sweet tech tools that our clever computer friends continue to pull out of their hats. And the latest bunch of Flick app updates, with all their right-at-your-fingertips-info, are no exception!

So, what’s changed and why?

The smart way to save for your power bills? That’d be Flick’s cool tool, Volt.

Our spot pricing’s got a new name

Flicksters of old will have noticed that our original Flick spot pricing model has been given a shiny new name: Freestyle! It’s the same plan, with the same benefits, but it now goes by the Freestyle name. That’s because we’ve introduced our fixed-price product, FIXIE, and we need to be able to differentiate between the two. Simple as that.

We’ve changed from cents to dollars

Say what?! Well, we’ve changed they way we’ve displayed our per kWh pricing, and instead of using cents, we’ve gone to dollars. Our goal here was to be consistent across the board, and use dollars for prices and bills and everything in between.

The Flick app

We’ve jam-packed all sorts of sweet treats into the Flick app so that it better reflects our company values of transparency and honesty, and delivers our customers exactly what they’ve been asking for: more data! Here’s a glimpse of what’s changed.

Your Freestyle/FIXIE price billboard:

The price you’re currently paying for power used to be teeny-weeny and sit below the needle, and some folks found it hard to locate. We’ve upgraded the app to make this part stand out - it’s now a big, clear, obvious number on your ‘Price’ tab billboard. Easy to find and easy to read. Whoop!


Your Flick graph: - We’ve switched out the price dial for a swish new graph, which does a mighty fine job of showing the price breakdown for your generation, Flick charges, and other fees (like transmission and distribution, and metering). We love a good, honest relationship, and we reckon the graph helps keep things transparent by showing Flicksters what their power prices are made up of.

  • It also lets us provide a whole heap more info for our #CleverFlickers! You might have noticed that the graph has two states: compressed and expanded. The compressed state is what loads first, and shows the general shape of the forecast price (so you can see, straight away, if it’s up, down or the same). The expanded state answers the call of lots of Flicksters, showing more detail and providing a forecast view of the next few hours.

  • For those customers on our Freestyle plan, where spot prices change every half hour (just as they always have), we receive the first price 3.5 hours in advance, and that price gets updated on your graph each half hour until that time. Previously, we only used to show these changes on the ‘Today’ tab of the dashboard (on desktop), but because we received lots of requests to show it in the mobile app too, we’ve done just that.

Flick talks the climate change talk, but do we walk the walk? You be the judge.

Your graph’s expanded state: - If you look at your expanded graph, you’ll notice there’s a darker, solid coloured area to the left, and a lighter coloured area to the right. The solid area of your graph shows prices for the day up until now - basically, each ‘price right now’ as they happen. The lighter coloured areas are the forecast prices, which will update every half hour until we reach that ‘price right now’ time.


  • Both FIXIE and Freestyle customers can also see if there’s a change in their network prices throughout the day, too. If you’re on a network that changes its charges depending on the season, time of day, or day of the week, you’ll see on your graph that your ‘other charges’, which include transmission and distribution (network) costs, will move up and down according to the network pricing (see image below).

  • Why so much forecast information? That’s all thanks to customer feedback. Between November 2017 and February 2018 we chatted with around 50 Flicksters who told us they wanted the ability to know what prices were now, but also a bit further into the future, too, to help plan appliance use. They also wanted to be able to see when a price event (like a price spike) was going to happen, how long it might last, and - most importantly - when it would end. So that’s what we’ve done our best to deliver!

We’ve aimed high with this round of updates: to target the brilliant requests of our #CleverFlickers, to provide more product options for Kiwis, and to remain as transparent, honest and fair as ever.

But y’all know us - we won’t stop there! We’re always keen to hear your feedback (the good and the constructive), and big ideas for better ways to do things. So, if you’ve got a few pearls of wisdom you’d like to share, pass ‘em our way!