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Make the Flick: Here's story

At Flick, we count ourselves very lucky to be backed by some of the best customers a power company could ask for. Here Kairua, who lives in Auckland, is one such Flickster, having been with us for over three years, on both our Freestyle (now called Wholesale) and FIXIE products. She recently contacted us to let us know that she’s a huge Flick fan, and we were beyond thrilled to hear that Here appreciates not only our products but also the values that we hold near and dear. Ka pai!

Here, who lives with her partner and two teenage daughters, joined Flick back in July 2015 after one too many unaffordable power bills from her previous power company, and an overall feeling that there must be a better offer out there for their family. She was right!

Making the Flick

Here says that our transparent and fair power prices were two big factors in moving her household’s power to Flick. The family began their #FlickLife on Freestyle, where they stayed for almost three years, making the most of Flick’s access to the wholesale market and transparent spot prices.

In October 2018, in the midst of the wholesale market’s high price event, Here spoke with our Customer Experience team to discuss the best product and pricing options for her family. When she was advised to make the switch from Freestyle to our then-fixed-price product, FIXIE, while the high price event continued, Here felt confident that we would help her make the right decision, and says “I knew I could trust Flick’s advice. Flick kept me up to date with market and spot price changes [on Freestyle], which enabled me to budget and prepare for price rises, so when they recommended their fixed price product [FIXIE], I felt that they had my best interests at heart. I genuinely trust them so I had no problem following their recommendations - so I signed up!”.

They’re now very happy FIXIE customers and enjoying the low, fair and consistent pricing that FIXIE offers. Here says, “I’m paying so much less now [compared with my previous retailer]. I don’t have to think about when my power bill is coming in because it just works with my budget. Flick allows me that freedom and certainty.”

We’re a little bit different

Aside from our fair priced power, Here says the family now also loves the many things that make Flick stand out from the crowd. She appreciates our focus on transparency and honesty, and is a big fan of Flick’s customer communications that keep her up with the play on current market conditions, and how (and why) prices change. She says, “I love how Flick keeps us updated. It’s fantastic and very innovative. I’ve learnt a lot, and I feel included and more in control of my situation”.

And if customer service was a sport, we might just be gold medal winners in Here’s eyes! She says our top-notch Customer Experience team are always polite and friendly, accommodating to her financial situation, and helpful when it comes to any questions she might have (we’re NZ’s only Consumer-Trusted power company for a good reason!).

It’s no secret we’re pretty big on new technologies and innovation here at Flick, either (call it a wee passion!), and Here says she values our support of local social enterprises and innovative startups, which can have huge benefits for Flick customers and Kiwis in general. Plus, our focus on sustainability - within our own company, within the industry and within Aotearoa - is also important, particularly now as NZ makes the push towards a carbon-free economy.

“I love Flick’s values and beliefs, especially when it comes to sustainability. It matters to me because I know it will concern my children and my grandchildren at a later date”.

A power company that puts Kiwis first

At Flick, we think everyone deserves a fair deal when it comes to their power. And whether that’s transparent and fair pricing for each and every customer, zero long-term contracts and extortionate break fees, or being a part of the fight for a fairer electricity market, Flick’s proud to be out there doing it.

If #FlickLife sounds like the life for you, give us a call on 0800 4 FLICK (435 425), or head over to Flick Electric Co. to sign up online. After all, everyone deserves a fair deal, and with Flick, you know that’s exactly what you’ll get.

  • Disclaimer: Flick no longer offers FIXIE as a pricing plan for new customers. Our Flicksters told us what they wanted, so we’ve now got three epic plans to suit every lifestyle - check out Flat, Off Peak and Wholesale, and see which one suits you best!