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Meet The Humans Of Flick - Part 1

Here at Flick, we’re super proud of the fact that we’re a Consumer-Trusted power company. From being open 7 days a week, right through to offering our customers the option to call, email or chat online, we reckon we’re the real deal when it comes to dishing out award-winning customer service.

Everything we do is informed by our Flicksters, which is why we offer fair power pricing and stick by our values of transparency, control and choice - all while delivering an exceptional customer experience!

And because we’re a pretty tight-knit company, chances are you’ll be dealing with the same people over and over if you get in touch with us - which makes Flick pretty special, if you ask us. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at who exactly sits on the other end of the hotline…


Megan is a part-time Customer Experience Agent and juggles full-time study towards a double degree in Law and Development Studies at the same time (if that doesn’t tell you about her wicked work ethic, then we don’t know what will!). Megan has years of experience in call centre work, so she’s definitely a seasoned pro at customer service. Her favourite things about working at Flick are the good vibes, good tunes, and good people.

When Megan has a moment to breathe in between uni and work, she enjoys spending time with her friends and writing - particularly short stories, children’s stories, and anything with a feminist point of view. We reckon we have a future New York Times bestselling author in our midst! Megan is also obsessed with cats and has been known to take her beloved cat, Boba, out for walks on a leash! We can’t think of a better cat mum than that.

What our customers say: “Megan was awesome, explaining how everything works. I am very happy with the way joining Flick was made so easy. Top service from a wonderful friendly woman.”


Toby took the throne as King of Banter when he started in CX just under a year ago. He’s always making us laugh between calls and emails! Toby has had plenty of experience in customer service and sales, so he really knows how to have a good yarn. He’s a whiz at social; if you’ve got a cheeky Facebook comment, he’s got an even cheekier response for ya!

Toby is a massive Elvis fan, going so far as to inking the King’s face on his arm - amongst many other funny and fabulous tattoos. He also can (and will) quote Titanic word-for-word on demand, so don’t get him started, unless you’ve got 3 hours spare to relive the maiden voyage on the ship of dreams. Toby caught the travel bug early on in life, so when he’s not at work you’ll probably catch him on the hunt for a beach party in Jamaica or enjoying a Tequila Sunrise (or three) on the beach in Mexico.

What our customers say: “Thank you so much for your insight, professional competency and customer care, Toby.”


Ethan has been at Flick for over two years now and has become something of a father figure in CX Land! While he does have one actual child at home, he fully embraces his role within the team by always having words of wisdom at the ready and making sure that we’re all taken care of. Ethan doesn’t even break a sweat at handling the more niggly metering questions - he loves to solve a problem! He’s awesome at putting all the electricity industry jargon into more customer-friendly terms, meaning you only know what you need to know.

Outside of work, Ethan loves to chill out with a cheeky Ghost Adventures episode. He could give Mary Berry a run for her money with his baking skills too; we can definitely say from experience that his banoffee pie is the bomb dot com! Ethan could dribble us all under the table with his mad basketball skills, with his favourite team being the LA Lakers.

What our customers say: “Ethan was fantastic - speedy responses. Excellent, very happy, thank you!”


Bridget is one of our Senior Customer Experience Advisors, making her our go-to gal for any curly questions. She joined our team over a year ago after making her escape from Australia (just kidding!) and has quickly become an example of great leadership in our team. Bridget has years of experience in customer service and sales, and her care for our customers really shines through in everything she does.

Outside of work, Bridget loves a swim in our chilly Wellington waters, jumping on a Flamingo e-scooter on a sunny day, and going for a beer with mates. Guess you could say she really loves summer! She loves animals and even worked as a vet nurse back in the day! Her dream pet is a baby pig and her favourite singer is Halsey. And to finish off, the dumbest thing Bridget has ever done (in her words) is go to a Kendrick Lamar concert the day after being discharged from hospital - definitely worth it though?!

What our customers say: “Had a good phone chat with Bridget about a power outage in Wellington. She quickly gave me all of the info I needed about the outage and the time the power was expected to come back on. She suggested it might be a nice night to go enjoy the sun here in Welly and maybe grab some takeaways. Great job Bridget, keep it up!”


And I’m Kezia! I’ve been working part-time at Flick for almost two years now, while I study Communication at Massey, but I’m looking forward to transitioning to full-time in the new year as I’ll be finishing up my degree really soon. I genuinely care about our customers and I’ll always strive to give thoughtful and helpful customer service. I’m (jokingly) known around CX Land as “DJ Kez” because I love being in charge of the tunes on the iPad!

I’m obsessed with pop music, with Lady Gaga being my absolute favourite. My first tattoo was lyrics from her song, ‘Dance in the Dark’. When I’m not at work I’m almost always spending time with my mates, whether that’s lazing about at home with my flatmates or out for walks around Oriental Bay on a rare, unbeatable sunny Welly day. I’m also a total bookworm; my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal this year is 32 books and I’ve already accomplished 28 - how’s that for a millennial?

What our customers say: “The form crashed my old iPad, so I called and spoke with Kezia. She signed me up in no time flat. Give that employee a medal!”

We hope you enjoyed this brief intro to some of our Customer Experience fam; they’re a seriously cool and caring bunch of humans, and we’re super lucky to have them on board here at Flick. Next month we’ll get to know a few more - catch you back here soon!