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It’s fair to say that, like any good startup, Flick has grown and changed a fair bit over the last six or so years. We’ve learnt A LOT in our action-packed time on the scene, and a good portion of that has been down to our ever-inspiring community of Flicksters who’ve helped to shape the products and price plans we offer.

So it’s super exciting for us that, once again, the epic combination of brilliant feedback from our #CleverFlickers, hard slog from the Flick HQ team, and our awesome partnership with Z has worked its dream-team magic to deliver a brand-spanking-new power plan - EARNIE!

Oooh! What’s EARNIE?

You asked, we answered! EARNIE’s our pricing plan that gives you what you told us you want: ongoing rewards for your everyday power spend. With EARNIE you can start earning rewards from day one, and without lifting a finger. Wahoo!

Plus, EARNIE lets you fix your generation price (that’s the wholesale or spot price of electricity if you’re currently on Freestyle) for 12 months at a time. Benefits galore, we reckon.

Will I be locked into a contract on EARNIE?

Heck, no! As with all our Flick plans, there’s no fixed-term contracts or exit fees, so you’re free to make the best power choices for your household and come and go as you please (although we reckon you’ll wanna stay!).

What kind of rewards does EARNIE offer?

This part’s pretty exciting. We’ve got some neat rewards on the table, including a 2-hour power bonus where we’ll deduct your average hour of power use off your bill EVERY day (omg), 2 litres of Z fuel for every $100 you spend on power (in the form of a Z gift card), and a $50 power top up every year that you’re with us. But we’re also in conversations to add some other very cool bonuses into the mix, and we want to hear from you on what else you’d like to be earning. Exciting stuff!

How does EARNIE compare with Flick’s other pricing plans?

If you’re a long-time Flickster, you’ll probably already know that we’ve got two other pricing plans for you to choose from, too. There’s Freestyle, the original spot price product (and Flick’s first ever product!) that lets you ride the ups and downs of the wholesale market, making the most of those times when spot prices are cheaper (spot prices on the wholesale market averaged 12.1 c/kWh over the last 12 months). FIXIE is our first ever fixed-price plan that gives you the certainty of a steady generation price for 6 months. Now EARNIE’s in the mix, too, offering a 12-month fixed generation price, plus a swag of rewards on top. At the moment, our calculations show that EARNIE offers Flicksters the best dollar value, and that’s something we’re pretty darn excited about. With such a diverse range of products, the choice really is yours - whatever bakes your cake!

With Flick’s focus on sustainability, why are you promoting fossil fuels?

Good question, you #CleverFlicker, you! While we realise fossil fuels aren’t the way of the future, we also realise that at this moment in time, the majority of us use fossil fuels to power our vehicles and get us from A to B. Believe us, we can’t wait for the day when more Kiwis can afford to purchase EVs or vehicles powered by alternative fuels, but that day isn’t here yet - and until then, our partnership with Z Energy actually allows us to help Kiwis with the cost of fuel. If we can help with that, we’re keen to do what we can.

For those Flicksters out there who don’t need to buy fuel - good news! You can use the Z gift card to stock up on boysenberry Trumpets and the best pies in town (or whatever takes your fancy) at any Z service station.

Can we still give feedback on EARNIE?

One hundred percent. The feedback from our Flicksters is invaluable (it’s helped get us to where we are today!), and while we’re loving where EARNIE’s at right now, we’re super aware that - as with most things tech-related - for a while yet it’ll be a work in progress that we update and adjust as the feedback rolls in. If you love something about EARNIE, or equally, think something doesn’t work (or could work better), we’d LOVE for you get in touch.

How do I join?

Now that you’ve made the decision to earn yourself some sweet treats from your everyday power spend, you just need to contact our flickin’ friendly team! Either fill is this form, drop us an email at hello@flickelectric.co.nz or give us a call on 0800 435 425, and we’ll get you sorted.

We’re busy working behind the scenes at the moment to enable Flicksters to switch to EARNIE right from your dashboard, and we’re hoping this’ll be completed by the end of Feb. Happy earning, Flicksters!