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Flick: takin' care of customers since way back

From the day Flick began, there’s been no doubt about it - our customer is queen (and king!). We set out to build a company that would deliver Kiwis all the things that were important to them, and important to us, too - like cheaper power, integrity, fairness and choice, plus a good dose of genuine, down-to-earth customer service.

So, doing best by our customers is woven into our culture here at Flick HQ. It informs all of our choices: our products, our tools and services, and, of course, all of our interactions with our customers.

In fact, it’s the very reason we have such a dedicated, genuine and compassionate crew of Flicksters answering the phones, replying to emails and bantering with y’all on social media. Our Customer Experience team is the absolute best at what they do and we love them for it!

Over the last few weeks, the entire team’s dedication to our customers has shown us that those efforts don’t go unnoticed, and they’re valued and appreciated by our customers. We were absolutely chuffed to be named a joint winner of the Consumer NZ People’s Choice Award, taking out the top spot for customer satisfaction with a score of 76%, and the Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customers Award 2020 (Electricity Providers), earning 5 stars for Customer Service, Value For Money, Bill Cost & Clarity, Ease Of Sign Up and Overall Satisfaction - woohoo!

It’s testament to the hard work of our entire team, and in particular, those who’re representing us on the front line. So, we thought we’d check in with one of the ace Customer Experience Agents, Ellie, and see how the team is feeling after such glowing feedback!

Hey Ellie! We’re all super proud of the results of the Consumer NZ and Canstar Blue surveys - how is the Customer Experience team feeling about their top-rated Customer Service scores?

We feel super stoked - it’s so nice to have some (more) recognition from our awesome customers. It’s one of the most motivating parts of the job, for sure!

As a Customer Experience Advisor, how do you approach your work each day?

For me it’s really important to remember that most of these people are reaching out either to join us, or because they have a question.

I try to approach my role with the mindset that I would hope anybody dealing with me on the other end of the line would have! I think to work in a customer-focused role you need to be naturally empathetic. I believe the best way to resolve a problem is quickly, because the person I’m speaking with wants their question or need sorted as soon as possible. Of course it doesn’t always pan out that way, so patience is super important as well.

What part of your job do you love the most?

For me, the most rewarding part of any customer-focused job is the outcome. I want to know that the customer has reached a result with their query where they feel satisfied (or even better, super positive!) about their experience with Flick.

Of course, the role wouldn’t be the same without such a fun and dedicated team behind it! So my mates (ahem, colleagues…) totally play a part.

And the least?

Again, it’s really down to satisfaction. Sometimes there just isn’t anything else we can do for a situation, and that can be difficult and frustrating because I really want to be able to help. Being naturally empathetic, I find those are definitely some of the most difficult conversations.

What do you think makes Flick’s Customer Experience team stand out?

It’s pretty tricky to say without doing my own market research, but the Flick team are real people, and I’m sure we have all experienced less-than-wonderful customer service in our lives, so experience definitely helps. I think the main thing is that we all genuinely want to help our customers and our team mates to get the best result that they can.

We’ll have a few customers reading this who’ve spoken to you on the phone or chatted with you via email - can you tell them a little bit about yourself?

Hi, friends! My name is Ellie and I’m just a kid in the city trying to figure it all out. I’ve been on my Flick journey for almost two years now, so it’s nice to finally meet ya!

Outside of Flick, I collect PS2 games (donations always warmly welcomed), pat all the neighbourhood cats, and practice looking busy! Keep an ear out for me on the other end of the phone line :)

As New Zealand’s only Consumer Trusted power company, we’re chuffed to know that we’re meeting and exceeding the expectations of our Flicksters. But just because we’ve won a couple of (super awesome!) awards, it doesn’t mean that we’ll stop there – our company is driven by customer feedback, and we’ll continue to listen to our customers to deliver an even better experience in future. We’re here to change the industry for the better - and that means putting you fine folks first!