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Why Flick? Craig's story

One of the important causes we stand for at Flick is sustainability. We have - and will continue to - put the heat on the government to speed up the building of renewables in Aotearoa. As a business, we’ve been Toitū carbonzero certified since 2016, and we’re committed to minimising our day-to-day carbon emission levels. And we have one Flick customer in particular who loves this about us!

Craig has been with Flick since 2018, when he made the jump from one of the big players, Genesis. He checked out a comparison site to see what else was out there and came across - who else? - us! He says he had no hesitations around leaving a bigger company for a smaller one; supporting a smaller, newer company was important to him.

Craig says that one of the main reasons why he decided to join Flick is because of what we stand for.

“We chose Flick over other companies because of your culture and what you stand for as a company: being Toitū carbonzero certified and having the Carbon Tracker app.”

We’re proudly carbon neutral, certified by Toitū carbonzero, and we’ve worked hard to cut our emissions from travel, landfill waste, and electricity consumption. Our world-first Carbon Tracker was developed to inform New Zealand consumers on the carbon emission levels that electricity generators are creating at any given time. Carbon Tracker lets us all make educated, informed decisions about when is an environmentally better, or worse, time to use our electricity.

True to his values, Craig also has had solar panels at his house since before he joined Flick, so it was important for him to be with a power company that had a competitive export rate. He says that it’s cool having the buyback rate at whatever the spot price is, compared to other retailers that fix their solar export rate. Craig uses a battery to store electricity from his solar panels - it has a timer, and pulls electricity from different sources at different times. During off-peak times, electricity is pulled from the grid (i.e. uses power like a non-solar home) but during peak times it can pull from the battery instead - you could say he’s a #CleverFlicker!

And even though Craig obviously has a lot of know-how when it comes to electricity, he does say that he’s learned more about Aotearoa’s electricity industry since being a customer. He’s enjoyed following us on Facebook and reading our market update blogs as a way to keep in the know about the electricity industry.

During Covid-19, Craig has been working from home, along with his wife and child - plus they’ve just had a new baby. He says that their power consumption has increased in that time (naturally!) as the heat pump and hot water use is higher, but that Flick makes it easy to keep track of this through our customer dashboard and app.

And to top it all off, Craig rates our customer service as a 10/10! “The customer service team has always been really helpful, and you can get through on the phone quickly. The staff are knowledgeable and have always been able to help if I’ve had any issues.” We’re proud to deliver award-winning, human customer service - in 2020, we took out the Consumer People’s Choice Award and Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers for Electricity Providers.

Craig’s parting words about Flick? “Flick is a great power company to be with - we’re supporting a local business that supports other local businesses, and others can’t match what we’re being offered.”