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We've joined CoGo - here's why

In a world where overconsumption and unsustainable living abounds, both people and the planet are paying the price; we’ve heard the stories, and we’ve seen the consequences. So we know that we need to step up our game when it comes to how and what we buy. Because nothing changes if nothing changes, right?

The tricky thing, though, is that as much as we want to change and do better for our world, it can all be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Where do we start, and how?

Well, we reckon we’ve got a good answer to that. There’s a new app on the block, CoGo, created especially to connect conscious consumers with good companies doing good things - and here at Flick we’re pumped to be one of the businesses on board.

So what does CoGo do? In a nutshell GoGo links with your bank account to show you how your spending and lifestyle choices are impacting the planet and the people - through your transactions, CoGo’s Real-Time Carbon Footprint Tracker works out your personal carbon footprint for your spending on things like on food, clothing and fuel. So far, CoGo is available for Westpac, ANZ, Kiwibank, and ASB customers, and BNZ will have it shortly, too.

What else? CoGo asks you to select the ethical values that are important to you, and then recommends businesses that match those values. You can also see the amount of spending you’re doing with companies that pay the Living Wage, and you can offset your carbon footprint through the app, too. Plus, CoGo also makes suggestions to help you reduce your impact (for example, by cycling to work, or home composting). In short, it’s an easy way to make a big difference!

It all sounds like epic stuff for consumers - but why has Flick joined? Well, it’s no secret that people and the planet are a top priority for us. We’re Toitū Carbonzero certified and the developer of CHOICE, our world-first app that monitors the live carbon impact of NZ’s electricity, and lets our customers track their emissions. They can also offset their carbon impact through our partner charity, Trees That Count.

We’re members of the Climate Leaders Coalition and Statement, which formalises our commitment to making changes and supporting legislation that will help NZ reach our climate change goals. Plus, we’re pushing for the necessary industry changes that will help make the move to a carbon zero economy a success. So it makes sense that we’d want to support an app like CoGo to keep that good momentum going.

But we also know that the sense of environmental and social overwhelm can be big for lots of Kiwis - we get it, we feel it, too. And sometimes it can be easier to bury our heads in the sand rather than face up to the enormousness of the task ahead. But as we said at the start, nothing changes if nothing changes.

So CoGo offers us, as a company, a chance to help change that for consumers; a way to see the impacts of our lifestyles and more easily make choices that support those values we believe in. They’ve pulled together the info we need as consumers to make those choices, so that we can be sure we’re spending our money with businesses who are doing good stuff. As CoGo terms it, it’s about learning to ‘put your money where your heart is’. And CoGo makes it easy to do just that.

Here at Flick, we’ve always made a conscious choice to do the right thing, not the easy thing. Wouldn’t it be great if the right thing was the easy thing, too? Well, whānau, CoGo’s a good place to start.