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We've Got A New Look

You might have noticed we’re looking a little different this morning. Bolder. Stronger. Driven by challenge and change. Like we’re not flicking around. Well, you’re spot on there, #CleverFlicker.

If you’ve been on the journey with us, you’ll probably know that we’ve grown up a lot since the first days of Flick back in 2014. We started out as the friendly, plucky little engine-that-could, challenging the status quo and bringing Kiwis a new way to purchase their power through the wholesale market.

We have a lot to thank that younger version of Flick for. It’s built us a solid foundation from which we’ll never budge - one of fairness, honesty, authenticity and keeping customers at the heart and soul of all that we do.

But over the years we’ve also learned and grown up a lot. We’ve had to face some difficult times, we’ve had to challenge ourselves and our own ways of thinking, and we’ve had to make some hard calls along the way. But most importantly, we’ve had to get really clear on who we are and why we exist.

We want more for each other and for the world. For us - and our customers - it’s about equality and environmentalism, it’s about celebrating diversity and the right to care, it’s about pursuing what’s fair and just. It’s about shining a light for what’s right.

We’ve always been a challenger in the electricity industry, but over the past few years the game has changed. Times are tougher than ever for many Kiwis, with power prices having reached record highs this year, and we know that the current electricity market and its flawed design are allowing that to happen.

In fact, that’s the main reason why, from today, we’ve temporarily paused taking on new customers. It’s not something we’ve done lightly, but buying electricity hedges in advance to cover new customers is just not affordable while wholesale prices remain so high. We’re not a big company and we’re not a gentailer (or one of their subsidiaries) who benefits from cheaper internal transfer pricing. So our priority has to be taking care of our current customers.

But it speaks volumes about the state of NZ’s electricity market when Consumer NZ’s Energy Retailer of the Year for 2021 (that’s us) can’t take on any new customers. And while it pains us to put a halt on our growth, more importantly, it means we can’t offer our service to Kiwis who want - and deserve - fair priced power.

So our new look is really the stake in the ground for us. It symbolises us stepping fully from challenger into our activist role with a loud, clear, rebel voice. That voice can be heard in our bright and bold new colours, the images that better represent the people of Aotearoa, the outspoken fonts and our flash new logo that shouts electricity.

But it’s also in our actions, too, and part of that is our petition to the Government for reform to stop gentailers dominating the market and keeping prices high across the board. Because ultimately the market design, as it stands, allows these businesses to drive out competition, denying Kiwis access to fair pricing and their freedom to choose.

But as with any revolution, the power is with the people. We can’t do this alone, and our new look is the rally cry for Kiwis who are ready for change.

So, the nitty gritty - what changes will you see?

Aside from our bold new visual identity, we’ve also updated our product names. We’ve made some tweaks here in response to customer feedback, to simplify things and better reflect what our products and plans are about.

  • ‘Freestyle’ is changing to ‘Wholesale’
  • ‘Home Harvest’ is changing to ‘Home Generation’
  • ‘Volt’ is changing to ‘Bill Smoother’
  • ‘CHOICE’ is changing to ‘Carbon Tracker’

We’re in love with our punchy new look and we reckon you’ll love it, too - make sure you head over to the website and take a moment to digest it in all its bright, bold, beautiful, rebellious glory!

*Update - Flick is now taking on new customers again, as of December 2021. Whoop!