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Here for you during Covid-19

Hey there, Flicksters,

Over the last year or so we’ve all had time to get used to the idea of Covid-19 - but that doesn’t mean the realities of dealing with it are any easier, right?

Here at Flick, we’re aware that uncertain and frustrating these times can be difficult for our customers, but rest assured that we’re focussed on keeping the electrons flowing to your homes, and making sure we’ve got staff on the phones and processes in place to help you through. So, what to do?

Get in touch

If you know you’re going to miss a payment, the best thing you can do is let us know - just drop us an email to If you can talk to us before 5pm on the Wednesday before your payment is due, we’ll put a hold on your direct debit so you don’t get stung by your bank, while we figure out a payment plan that suits you. For many customers, this might just mean catching up in a week’s time. For others, we have options available. But it’s super important that you let us know, so we can help.

Use your Bill Smoother (aka Volt) credit

If you have Flick Bill Smoother, now might be a good time to use your credit! The easiest way? Drop one of our friendly Flick HQ-ers an email at and we’ll help you get it sorted.

Don’t have Bill Smoother yet? Now’s a good time to check it out. With Bill Smoother you choose a regular dollar amount to pay to Flick with each powerbill, so that you can build up credit on your account that’s only used when your bills reach a certain amount, chosen by you. And because you’re paying a regular amount on a regular basis, it’s nice and easy to manage your budget. In short, a good way to plan ahead!

Don’t go cold or hungry

No New Zealander should have to live in a cold home, or go without necessities – and that’s especially true if there are kids or vulnerable people in the house. Keeping your family safe and warm should be everyone’s number one priority, including ours. We’re not going to disconnect your power for missing one or two payments. This is an absolute last resort action that usually only happens when we receive no communication from the account holder for a prolonged period of time – so please, just let us know what’s going on!

Let’s check your power plan

Give us a bell so we can take a look at your power plan and make sure you’re on the right one for your household. If you’re working from home and able to shift some power usage into off-peak hours, it could be worth a move to our Off Peak pricing plan. Or if you’d like a price that stays the same day and night, Flat might be your best bet (no clock-watching here!). Either way, we’ll walk you through it.

We’re also great proponents of you shopping around for the best power deal for you, even if that’s not with Flick. The most important thing right now is that you make the right choice for your household. A friendly piece of advice, though - if you choose to leave Flick, be sure to read the fine print of other retailers, before getting locked into a long-term contract with them.

Power saving tips

With us all hanging out at home, it makes sense that we might use a bit more power over the next few days (especially with this cold winter weather!). If you’re keen to make a few adjustments to your power use, our power saving blog has some handy hints to get you going.

Government help

As in the past, the Government’s stepping into help those folks encountering difficulties at the moment, and there are different avenues of financial help available to those who’re struggling.

The Ministry of Social Development also offers help for those who’re having trouble paying their power bills (at any time), and you don’t need to be on a benefit to qualify.

The most important message in all of this is that you’re not alone; keep the lines of communication open, and email us at at any time. Keep your family safe and healthy, and we can help get you through the tight times. As the saying (that’s been well overcooked on social media) goes: this too shall pass!